Sun. May 28th, 2023

Electronic Arts has announced all in-house patents and technologies that have to do with accessibility to provide its competitors and all other developers. The publisher hopes that gaming developers are encouraged by patent release to develop new features that will make computer and video games inclusive for everyone. The press release lists five patents that have been developed to support people with visual, language, hearing or perception restrictions when playing.

Excerpts from the press release: _ This includes the patent for the popular ‘ping system’, which has been issued today by the US Patent and Trademark Office of the US. The technology that finds in Apex Legends uses players via one Ping system communicate with each other and was generally praised that it has reduced negative behavior in the game and made the game more accessible. The ‘ping system’ helps players who have voice, hearing or perception restrictions and thereby problems have in the game. This problem is very direct by enabling players to communicate via contextual commands and announcements that can easily be used via simply adjustable controller inputs, both over clay and visually, whereby A headset or microphone is not needed. The community of Apex Legends has the system with enthusiast NG accepted. _

_ Three of the patents covered by the assurance are related to make video games for people with visual restrictions more accessible, and are already used in many popular Games of Electronic Arts such as Madden NFL and FIFA. The patented technologies can be colors To recognize and adjust brightness and contrast in a game, so as to improve the visibility of objects with similar light intensities. This allows players to better perceive content and interact with them. _

_ Electronic Arts provides for a technical solution that is very similar to color blindness, brightness and problems with the contrast in digital content, including an open license for the source code to encourage an industrialized collaboration as well as innovations for accessibility in video games to advance. The code can be found on Github and allows developers around the world to install the technology of Electronic Arts directly into their video games, which can be saved a considerable sum of R & D costs and talents in the whole industry Code can be customized or expanded by the code. _

_ The fifth patent included in the assurance is about personalized sound technology, which aims to help players and players with hearing restrictions by modifying the music or produces themselves individually, and perfectly adapted to the respective limitation In the future, Electronic Arts is planning further patents to do with accessibility to add to this assurance as well as to identify further technologies that can be released as open licenses. _

_ The patent fuse is the latest step by Electronic Arts to make video games accessible to all players. It builds on previous initiatives, including the accessibility portal of Electronic Arts, on the players and player more about accessibility features in Experienced Electronic Arts games, show problems and submit suggestions for improvements. Electronic Arts is already in partnership with charities as SpecialEffect, for many years, to precipitate the barriers in video games and industry as a whole. _

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