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Apex Legends, Knockout City, Titanfall and more Electronic Arts games are reporting connection problems today, August 18, 2021 . Players have been alerting the fall of servers in the lApex Legendst hours, but they are still fallen.

Since the North American company call calm. In response to an Official Tweet of Knockout City, Electronic Arts commented that these problems were also causing connection errors in others from their titles. We will warn you when we know more, conclude. Currently the team is investigating the cApex Legendse .

Heads Up, This is Also Causing Connection Issues ongo OUR Other Titles. We’ll Update You Once We Know More! https://t.co/ozhsg9qosn.

  • EA HELP (@EAHELP) August 18, 2021

Apex Legends welcomes to seApex Legendson 10

Seer wApex Legends the main protagonist of the contents added Apex Legends part of SeApex Legendson 10 of Apex Legends. Battle Royale gave way to a champion that allowed to track the scenario thanks to the swarm of drones of it. Some users have explained in social networks that the champion is too decompensated in power in front of other current faces. In upcoming patches, the power of him will be corrected.

You must keep in mind some of the changes they performed in other legends at the beginning of August. We leave you with the main points below.

  • FUSE: The enemies inside the fire ring of the definitive now will be revealed to the squadron. | The explosion of tactics increApex Legendses its duration by 100%. | The pApex Legendssive can be activated or deactivated to launch the artillery correctly.
  • Horizon: Reduced slowdown after throwing the initial black hole. | The pulse of the gravitational elevator is adjusted to values ​​between the 9.1 and Legacy update.
  • Revenant: Now there is a visual and sound warning for all players when the protection of the Totem of death is about to end. | Added a small warning when the Totem of death is required again.
  • Cause: GApex Legends damage begins in 5, increApex Legendses in 1 each tick indefinitely. | The tactic refresh time hApex Legends been reduced from 25 to 20 seconds. | The refresh rate of definitive ability hApex Legends been reduced from 3.5 minutes to 3 minutes. Reduced duration of 20 to 15 seconds.

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