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Endless Space 2 - All Colonization Cutscenes
After Electronic Arts and EA motifs have introduced the Remake of Dead Space (from 9.99 € at purchase) on August 31 in a LiveStream, we summarize the most important information and findings here. Since one is still in early pre-production, meaningful game scenes are still in short supply at the present time. The material shown and the statements therefore represent a vision that is to be implemented. In fact, the studio has started working on the remake less than a year ago and the production is only now running properly.

As expected, the on-site frost byte engine is used in the new edition. The team uses the graphic assets of the original as a base, but then the graphical quality will pep up with additional details, a revised lighting and modern post-processing effects, which include u.a. Volumetric smoke belongs.

Further findings:

  • In contrast to the original, the formerly dumb protagonist Isaac Clarke gets a voice. For this you have committed Gunner Wright, who already lend the figure in the successors his voice. However, he will only speak if he is addressed directly. Monologue, as you often find them in other games, it will not exist here because they would interfere with the developers the credibility and atmosphere.
  • The balance of combat and quiet moments should be retained and the game does not get to an action orgy. In general, it is emphasized that you want to orient yourself as close as possible to the feel of the original as possible.
  • However, the combat system will refine: When cutting the creatures you even tear meat meats from their bones. To do this, some weapons within the arsenal should be particularly good.
  • With regard to the plot, you also want to stay close to the original, but indicates small changes. A higher priority is likely to take the search for his girlfriend Nicole, which was treated in the original only on the edge.
  • Charging interruptions should not give it in remake. Instead, the dismantling ship is to be completely seamlessly explored and between chapters should no longer be charged.
  • In weightlessness, the mechanics of Dead Space 2 have been adopted and can turn 360 degrees when floating.
  • What was a matter of course, is now called a special feature: the Dead Space Remake should not contain any microstransaktions.

In view of the fact that the development is still in such an early stage, it will probably take a while until the Remake of Dead Space saw the light of the world or the darkness of space. The survival horror should appear in the new robe for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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