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Filip Jicha’s fancy the Supercup is unbridled. The first title of the season is an honor for him, but above all, the master coach of the THW Kiel is looking forward to the reboot after the nervous Corona season.

We look forward to a handball festival, Jicha said before the prestigious duel of the master against the cup winner TBV Lemgo. And Lemgos Coach Florian Kehrmann stressed: It’s a title. But you play. But I admit that I am generally totally looked forward to the event. Finally, viewers are there again.

From the season Overture on Saturday (19 o’clock) before up to 8000 fans in Dusseldorf a sign should go out. The viewers at least partially return to the arena – and with them the hope for normality.

Bohmann expects again a crisis year

The Handball Bundesliga sees at least light at the end of the tunnel and starts behavior optimistic and well prepared in the new season, yet HBL Managing Director Frank Bohmann expects again a crisis year. There will still be great uncertainties, especially what the Spectator usage is concerned, he said to the SID.

Kiel, for example, welcome to its home games of up to 9000 spectators in its hall thanks to an exception of the city, Vizemeister Flensburg starts at least with a capacity of 4600 – all, of course, depending on the general infection situation. The joy of it, that we can start halfway with spectators, Be great, stressed Bohmann, who even assumes that we will come back to a full utilization. The return to normalness is already a wish of us.

With a view to the past game year, this wish is only too understandable. The season largely with ghosts have only worked, Bohmann explained in an interview of the Rheinische Post, because partners and fans are very counteracted, players have been massively renounced salary, equity has been constructed and state aids have made the failure of ticket revenue.

All the more important is the supercup signal

Over the mountain, the league boss sees the handball but not yet – and warns. It will take time to come back very soon to our established business, says Bohmann: Everything else would lead to threatening economic impairment. All the more important is the signal that goes out of the Supercup.

For Kiel and Lemgo it is also about Prestige. Above all, the THW stars burn on the Underdog to show coach Kehrmann the limits. The memories of the same bitter as a sensational semi-finish in the DHB Cup in June are still fresh. After a seven-goal half-time guidance, the Kieler had experienced blue-white wonder at the Final Four in Hamburg.

The title in the Supercup does not enjoy the highest sporting importance at Jicha. But, too, the Czech also gave to protocol, I just do not like to lose. Not when it comes to a trophy.

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