Sun. May 28th, 2023

Next away game, next bankruptcy. The horror balance of the 1st FC Kaiserslautern of four defeats in four guest players continues against the 1st FC Magdeburg. At the 0: 1, the red devil came into arrears early and could never be dangerous in the episode. It can not go on that way, said the visibly served René Klingenburg after the game in magenta sport.

The 27-year-old was with his fighter attitude and readiness of one of the bright spotlights at the red devils – and took his teammates to his teammate. As a referee Alexander Sather the game final whistle, Klingenburg remained in the middle of the field and called on his teammates to face the cassest FCC fans together.

I think that’s the least to actively run the fans. And not to stop alibimically here, clapping and resuming.

René Klingenburg

I think that’s the least to actively run the fans now. And not to stop alibimically here, clapping and absorbing again. I think that we are guilty of the fans, says the disappointed midfielder, who only in this Summer from Viktoria Köln changed to the Bayenberg.

Praise to players

Each player should look in the mirror and question what he has played here today, in the first half, in the first quarter of an hour, Klingenburg confident, especially about the early Zentror by Magdeburg’s Luca Schuler after already seven minutes annoyed . Because the coach introduces us greatly, says extra, in the first ten minutes, the here burns a fireworks. No idea, is inexplicable.

Klingenburg at a loss

After the beginning of the year, in which Magdeburg hit the latte, the red devils stabilized and bite into the game. No consolation for Klingenburg: Sure, you have to accept the two-fighting. But that from the first minute and not when it rings. It could not be that louder always only a wake must, all awake. That’s not possible. That’s just too little, said the angry louder about his team, which was already behind in five league games at the beginning.

I can put myself here, can be a shit, everything does not bring anything, resigned Klingenburg. It turns in a circle. Accordingly, the outlook of the midfielder also fell out what need to change to succeed on Saturday (2 pm, live! At Magdeburg Luca) at Derby against Waldhof Mannheim: Nothing. Derby victory, ass licking.

The new arrivals in the 3rd league

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