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Defection is one of the warframes types of endless missions, which means it will continue through rotations, becoming increasingly difficult, until the player decides to extract. In defection, you must help KAVOR defectors survive while crossing the ship.

Endless Legend Guide - #1 - Settings and Factions

kavor defectors

Once you have appeared and you hacked the first set of doors, Kavor’s Transports start their timer. 30 seconds later, they will appear and will be marked on your mini-card. You must join the group and escort it to the first point of its trip, which is a Med Booster that looks like survival missions survival capsules.

There are two main threats as you progress in the level, infinite hordes of infested that will appear and try to kill the Transfumes, and they will start in a atmosphere. You will need to make sure that BOOSTERS MED are loaded and allow transfumes to heal on them before continuing.

The power cells of the medical boosters are dropped by the carriers of mutalist balbozards, then kill as much as possible, and it can be useful to always have a power cell with you and use your secondary weapon to deal with infested . Escort the kavor from where they appear until BOOSTER MED, let them heal, then escort them to their extraction point. As long as you make sure you remove infested, they should not have a problem to do so.

You can speed up the reappearance windows, which is normally 40 seconds after saving a group, but by pressing a button on a console near Med Boosters. This will cause the following group to appear for this Med Booster, but can cause a problem if you have too many transfer groups on the map at the same time because you will be scattered by trying to protect them.


Both groups of survivors are considered a rotation, the extraction of the players becoming available after the first two. Rotations follow a diagram A, A, B, C for rewards.

You can find defection missions to the following nodes on the star map:

  • Memphis on phobos
  • Caracol on Saturn
  • Yursa on Neptune

The best weapons to use are the large weapons of soil cleaning like the ignis, ignis wraith, Arca Plasmor and mingle arms such as whips and firearms that have long-range statistics.

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