Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Electronic art is a kind of art that utilizes electronic media. Extra generally, it describes innovation and/or electronic media. It is associated to information art, brand-new media art, video art, digital art, interactive art, internet art, as well as electronic music. It is considered an outgrowth of theoretical art and systems art.

Electronic Arts continues to grow. The owners of Sagas as FIFA or Battlefield are going to inaugurate a new study. They have not yet presented it in society but it is already recorded both in the US Patent and Trademark Office. UU as in the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union last month.

So point to the name of Neon Black Studios, because they want to give them talking soon. We know little about his conception, but there are several things. They are working on a action game and adventures of open world and commanding the study is kevin stephens , who was vice president and director of monolith productions, responsible for the middle earth: shadows of mordor and shadows of War.

This summer, in an interview made by the middle Gamesindustry, asked Samantha Ryan, who was president of Monolith in the 90s, if he could give some other detail about the first study project, but he refused to say if they are immersed in A new IP or in a known saga. We are still answering fundamental questions, but I know Kevin [Stephens] and be the kind of quality team that he will create and the kind of incredible games he will offer. There is no hurry, I want you to do things well.

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Now, in need that from EA they say something else about it, we will have to make up with these details. A few months ago, the firm also opened a new study, in this case to focus on the development of the new delivery of the Saga Skate .

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