Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Digital art is a type of art that makes usage of electronic media. A lot more extensively, it describes modern technology and/or digital media. It relates to details art, new media art, video art, digital art, interactive art, internet art, and digital music. It is taken into consideration an outgrowth of conceptual art and systems art.

Codemasters and Electronic Arts have published the first part of the four-part Content series After The Apex with McLaren Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo.

RIP RAIDERZ! So, About That Re-Launch.. Hah.
In the coming months, the series of Real interviews created as part of the publication of F1 2021 will combine real interviews with animations and give the players an exclusive insight into Daniel’s life and give his passions away from the racetrack.

Together with our partners at EA SPORTS, we work to go new ways and create content that gives our players a unique view of their F1 heroes beyond the racetrack, said Paul JEAL, F1 Senior Franchise Director at Codemasters. We have planned a lot for the rest of the series and we look forward to seeing more about it in the coming months.

F1 2021, the official game to the FIA ​​Formula One World Championship offers several new highlights, including the exciting story mode Braking Point , the extended career mode, which allows two players to drive together race and the real season start with the possibility To enter the championship at any time, whereby the realwelt driver and constructors are taken over time.

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