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No demo to FIFA 22: Electronic Arts also renounces the release of a free trial for the new football simulation this year. As the publisher confirms to kickers and network world, the demo download for FIFA 22 remains. Reasons for the renewed cancellation are not initially present. Also, an official path statement – such as the social media channels or the game website – has not published the publisher so far. Even with FIFA 21, players had to do without a demo. The developers said then, instead, to focus on the best possible gaming experience on Current & Next Gen consoles .

Fans had initially hoped that EA at FIFA 22 (Buy Now 59.99 € / 53.99 €) Return to the well-known demo routine – and curious players look for free in the new football simulation in advance. The FIFA demos belonged almost to the tradition in recent years, were expected to be expired by the community and finally downloaded millions of times. Anyone who wants to play the new EA kicker before the official release on October 1, must resort to paid alternatives.

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For example, a four-day preload is in the Ultimate Edition available for 100 euros (80 euros on PC). Members of EA PLAY (3.99 euros per month) may, at the 22nd of September, may play a FIFA 22 Early Access Trial, which includes all content of full version, but limited to a season of ten hours. EA Play Pro Members (14.99 euros per month) on PC also start on 22 September, then the Ultimate Edition is available in an unlimited scope.


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