Sun. May 28th, 2023

Electronic Arts has just lifted the veil on the ranking of the 22 best rated FIFA 22 players. The opportunity for members of the community to make some debates and exchanges as courteous as Thibault, do not doubt not.

Believe that these new statistics have been established in a very scientific way by the collective notes, a network of talent fictions passionate about universal sport. From the advanced speed to finish, the precision of the endurance passes, They meticulously observe all that happens on the grounds to analyze, judge and evaluate players on more than 30 attributes that define the technical level of a footballer , tells us Electronic Arts.

It may have a year more and changed club for the first time, Lionel Messi remains at the top of the food chain with its general note of 93. It is two more points that Cristiano Ronaldo, which loses its Place de Dauphin for the benefit of Robert Lewandoswki, the top European scorer of the season spent with a total of 57 accomplishments all competitions.

French side, Kylian mbled wins a point and wins a general note of 91 which hips it at the level of his comprehension of PSG, Neymar. It remains the best tricolor player in front of N’Golo Kanté (90) and Karim Benzema (89). Also noteworthy the presence in this top 22 of Gianluigi Donnarumma, new guardian of the PSG and author of an excellent euro with the Italian champions.

The best FIFA players 22

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