Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Skate celebrates its 14th anniversary with a series of activities related to the saga. The first one is the publication of Skate.Reel, a platform where fans can upload their clips, screenshots and arts about the virtual skateboard universe.

Cluthing on this link you will access the platform. To send your material, it is only necessary an Electronic Arts account . Skate is logical, what you send must be linked to the saga and be original, of its own creation. In this way you have the opportunity to amaze the world.

You currently have several ways to access the original deliveries. You can access them with your original copy on Xbox 360 or PS3 ; On the other hand, if you play at Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S, subscription EA PLAY offers the retractionable version of Skate and Skate 3. On PC you can make use Xbox Cloud Gaming through Xbox Game PSkates to enjoy the third and lSkatet .

New Skate on the way

We must go back to the pSkatet 2020 to know the future return of the Skate brand. Full Circle, the new Electronic Arts Study located in Canada , is in charge of development. We trained a study in January, we have managed to bring together a very talented group of people, who have joined the family, and we have been working hard on the new game, explained their managers in July 2021.

In fact, the statements were published Skate notice to the non-emergence of new material during the lSkatet EA PLAY LIVE . We know that many of you expect to hear more about us this week, but we are not yet prepared and we will not be part of this Thursday’s show EA Play Live. It is still early and we are committed to doing that well, which means that some time will take us, concluded.

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