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Call of Duty: Vanguard is to finally banish the controversial matchmaking feature SBMM from the game according to Profi ScuM. For the former world champion would like to clap again Noobs, which can hardly defend himself against him.

Who is it? Seth Scump Abner is a famous COD professional. He was already world champion, among other things, and has already cleared tournaments of the Call-of-Duty-League (CDL). Scump is therefore considered one of the best players in the game and is a fearing opponent. Among other things, Scump has killed the poor Streamer Timthatatman until this just shouted and whining.

In a stream, however, Scump filed that complains that the feature of skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) is in the COD games and he gladly wools in the coming COD Vanguard.

What is SBMM? SBMM stands for skill-based matchmaking and helps put together lobbies in PVP games. Such a SBMM is in the foreground with a match search, the capabilities of a player are considered the most important factor in the lobby creation. The player is preferably thrown with players in a lobby, which are similar, as he.

Scump wants sbmm delete for more bot lobbies

Why does SBMM go out? SBMM is at least in the theory that most opponents who get a player like Scump are also quite solid in cod.

The chance is currently low that he meets so-called bot lobbies , so a mass of bad players.

But that’s exactly what the former world champion wants to have. Since the rounds in which he plays regularly, every round is a hard work and he has to work hard.

In the past, when the SBMM was not so rigorous in the game, on the other hand, so-called pub-stomp rounds, where scurrs were almost shaved in the lobby, without a great deal of. A round of such a notorious 88: 0 Pub Stomp from 2013 can be viewed here:

Videos of such absurd shooting festivals are still one of the most popular videos from Scump and he will always ask why he does not make something like that again:

That’s just not possible. You can not just win 88: 0 against players who are at the same level. That’s just not possible. People handle it [SBMM], they deal with it, but I do not do that. This is the sad reality [of Call of Duty], because I know how much people have loved the pub stomps, but that’s just no longer possible.

SCUMP just wants to let the sow let out and clap noobs left and right, without making it great effort.

will be removed SBMM in Vanguard? The chances that Scump’s wish is fulfilled and SBMM adopted with the release of Vanguard from the game, but are low, because the developers want to hold on to the feature.

However, scump is not alone with its demand for the end of the SBMM. Many players also require vehement the abolition of skill-based matchmaking in coming games of the call-of-duty series. On Reddit the topic is hotly discussed and various players also have ideas, which could be made instead: Removes SBMM and then brings ranked – both do not we need .

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