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Only recently Electronic Arts and DICE had shifted the release of the ego shooter Battlefield 2042. The action game now appears until 19 November instead of how originally planned, on October 22, 2021. That does not just mean that the fans have to wait longer, but also has an impact on another game.

Thus Developer Studio Playwing Via Twitter announced that the Release of Century: Age of Ashes shifts for a few weeks. Actually, it should already appear on the 18th of November. But due to the timely closeness with the new release of Battlefield 2042, the team probably got some cold feet. In the Tweet, it is called the topic:

Last week, we have learned that the launch of one of the most anticipated games of the year was relocated to the day after our planned release date. As a result, we decided to launch the Launch of Century: Age of Ashes to move the 2 December 2021 to make a distance.

The playwing team is therefore aware of how big the competition is in the form of Battlefield 2042. In addition, the developers explained that the beta testers can not assume their progress from the second test phase for technical reasons in the full version of the dragon fighting game. You have to start completely from the beginning at the launch.

Source: Twitter

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Because of Battefield 2042 moves the release of Century: Age of Ashes to December. (2) [Source: Playwing]

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