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Electronic art is a type of art that makes usage of electronic media. Extra broadly, it refers to technology and/or electronic media. It is related to information art, new media art, video clip art, digital art, interactive art, internet art, and electronic music. It is thought about an outgrowth of conceptual art as well as systems art.

As Electronic Arts and the developers of Velan Studios announced, the next Season of the Multiplayer Title Knockout City is in the starting blocks.

This will start on Thursday, October 5, 2021 and bear the name H @ cked . The third season of Knockout City takes place on the map Prison Connector , which is described as a nasty prison station on a coast. Among the new content that finds the way to the game with H @ CKED include four new playlists and events that offer you the opportunity to collect Holobux, EP or Event tickets and unlock with these cosmetic extras.

A new rowdy passport and more

Also offered weekly crew contracts with 18 new and exclusive cosmetic crew rewards as well as the completely new rowdy pass. This is based on the Battle Passes of other multiplayer titles and offers a total of 100 steps waiting to be mastered by you. By concluding their games, their experience points collect and rises with this level for level.

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There are six new weekly rowdy-pass contracts per week, the progress is displayed in the game. Each mastered level is unlocked cosmetic items, crew vehicles, energy drinks, style chips, holobux and other extras.

The third season H @ cked is rounded off by new players, energy drinks and other extras, which will be discussed in more detail on the official website . Enclosed the official trailer at the nearby start of the next Knockout City season.

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