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After recently revealed with Kylian Mbappé the Cover Star of FIFA 22 , Electronic Arts now published first information and a trailer to the football simulation. This not only reveals the publication date of the games, but also presents a new technology. You can find the video below in the article as always.

FIFA 22: Thanks to Hypermotion more realistic than ever before

This just mentioned technology listens to the name Hypermotion and should combine various new techniques into each other, which should provide an even more realistic gaming experience. For the first time, the developers used so-called XSENS suits, which allow motion capturing from 22 football players at the same time. On this basis, so many movements have been recorded for a game of the series as never before.

In addition, Machine Learning has also been redirected. These are algorithms and techniques that can calculate new animations on the basis of game capturing in real time, which should provide even more realistic movements of the game figures. Every action on the playing field should feel more credible than in the previous games and to provide an intensive gaming experience.

Thanks to the performance of the New Gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, the Ki should also have accessed and your offensive and defensive actions can now better interpret. For practice, that means that you can read the playing field better read to play smarter passports, keep the defensive formation or open spaces for you.

In addition to Machine Learning is also offered with ML-Flow another mechanics, due to which the gaming experience should benefit from the many new animations. This tool seems to be particularly close to the steps of players, which should be able to handle the ball in the foot more precisely. The ballaments were also revised to playfully open new possibilities.

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The hook is the fact that these innovations will probably benefit only the new game consoles as well as the Google Stadia. The old consoles and the PC do not seem to be able to use HyperMotion. Further information on the game modes and other innovations should follow in the coming weeks.

FIFA 22 appears on 1 October 2021 in a standard and Ultimate Edition for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, the PC (via Steam and Origin) and Google Stadia. For the Nintendo Switch, the FIFA 22 Legacy Edition appears.

What is your opinion on the first FIFA 22 trailer?

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