Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Jose Mourinho, coach of the AS Roma, has refused his participation in the compulsory press conference after the 2: 3-Derbynage against Lazio. The Portuguese did not agree with the expiration of the questionnaires and left the room without commenting.

Initially, the rumor had emerged in Italy, Mourinho had argued with present journalists and therefore went to wordlessly. But in a video published by the Gazzetta dello Sport , it becomes clear that it was Mourinho – at least superficially – to another topic.

Due to the Corona measures, the press conferences at Lazio run differently than ordinary: the journalists do not ask their questions directly, but send them to the press spokesman of the Laziali, who then praises the two coaches.

Lazio has chosen this for his coach. But I want to talk to the press, Mourinho made it clear in the video in which he has a series-a-official. However, the representative of the League made Mou clear that it is the home association – and thus in this case Lazio – which may set the processes.

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Okay, then they re supposed to talk to him, Mou said overlooking his Lazio colleague Maurizio Sarri and left the room.

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