Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Twitch has begun to move so that your platform is increasingly secure and above all less toxic . The service of streaming has announced that will take measures to avoid harassment and raids that have been appearing throughout these months and that has caused a wave of criticism towards the company, which seems to have listened to For the first time your workers .

Twitch himself has communicated that is aware of these problems and that he has added in the control panel of the streamer the incorporation of the verified chat, both by telephone and by email , so that the moderators have a lot More control over the chat and that the experience of the spectators and the streamer is much safer and healthy.

In addition to the above measures, you will be used different rules according to the verification by phone :

\ – if the phone number receives a ban , all accounts that are associated with also will receive it

\ – The Verification of these accounts can be requested from all those that enter the streaming, if that account follows the channel for a certain time or the accounts that follow the channel for less than a given time

\ – Each phone may have associated 5 different accounts , and if you receive ban in one of them, the others will also suffer it.

According to twitch itself, these measures do not come from the loflamosa strike at the beginning of the month , but it comes from several months ago. However, the departure of this series of measures has been very close to the days of strike and complaints, so it is likely to be an immediate reaction. Finally, they have commented that new tools will be launched for the evasion of Bans on the channels for the coming months.

All information can be found here.

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