Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

Codemasters has been one of the large companies in the industry for many years, popular with its driving games , the British company became part of Electronic Arts this year after an offer of 1,200 million dollars, which left out From the scene to Take Two weeks after announcing the intention of purchase.

The study has spoken of the magnitude of the game in a job offer At all times, Electronic Arts assured that their intention passed because Codemasters maintained their freedom and identity, in the same way they did with Respawn. With a giant as an end, it seems that codemasters are prepared to perform the most ambitious and larger game they have done in the last decade .

This is why they have been described in a work offer for Development Manager of which ECO EXPUTER has been done. In the offer, Codemasters requested a producer to join the team in its new project. Although we do not have concrete information about the new developing game, an offer of employment specified that the company was finishing the post-phase content of DIRT 5, so that had already begun to work on your next triple project to .

The latest CodeMaster Titles have enjoyed great success , with a great dirt 5 that returned to the roots of the saga, and who presumed to have achieved immense figures of players after their arrival at Xbox Game Pass. They also took the size with F1 2021, with which CODEMASTERS knew how to improve its formula with new game modes, and are currently working on new delivery of the Grid franchise, Grid Legends.

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