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Will EA separate from the FIFA license? And if so, what effect does this affect future development?

The FIFA series has become a true money printing machine for publishers and developers Electronic Arts in recent years. What alone the revenue of FIFA Ultimate Team contributes to the overall result is incredible and FIFA 22 has so far overflowed everything. Since the release on October 1, the game has already found over 9 million new players, over 7.6 million squads were created in Ultimate Team and held over 460 million lots. On the other hand, Konami has set a complete breaking landing with Efootball as a long-standing competitor in the football shark basin, which can not even compete with FIFA 22.

The Electronic Arts Hack is Pretty Bad...
But Electronic Arts does not want to rest on the current success, according to its own statement and continue working to make the turn more successful. Exact details that changes are concretely received on you, EA was guilty in the communication. Instead, the company performs examples of the past, such as the promotion of women s football, but only a first step should have been. However, there is currently a disposition whether the FIFA license should be extended again. EA is still allowed to use the name rights, but only until the end of next year.

Anyone who reads a little between the lines will recognize that Electronic Arts will probably not renew the license again. How big the effects will be to be seen, because EA has over 300 individual licensing partners who grant the publisher access to more than 17,000 athletes, more than 700 teams in 100 stadiums and more than 30 national and international leagues. Only the football world championship and everything related to it would be from the table.

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