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Electronic Arts is called first statistics and sales numbers for FIFA 22. How Cam Weber, Group GM at EA SPORTS, known in a message addressed to the player, the football simulation already counts more than 9.1 million users. FIFA 22 was regularly launched on October 1st. With an EA Play Pro membership (PC) or a pre-order of the Ultimate Edition, the season started a few days earlier. Even in the Ultimate Team, Reger Operation prevails: According to the info, over 7.6 million fut cadre has been created since the launch. Overall, players have denied more than 460 million matches.

While we are with you with this year s game only at the beginning of our trip with you, we also focus on how it goes on, writes Weber and supplements: We are here to create the best experiences for football fans around the world. To achieve this, we first hear about our players. We keep hearing that it is most important to enlarge the global community, creating innovative football experiences on new platforms, to engage at all levels of sport, including latitude soccer and accelerate the rise of women s football. As a result, we have a clear vision for the future of football.

Potential name change of the FIFA series

It also knows that authenticity for the experience is crucial. Therefore, one focuses on the strength of over 300 license partners who provide developers access to over 17,000 athletes in over 700 teams in 100 stadiums and over 30 leagues. Partnerships include the Champions League, Europa League and the Bundesliga. With a view to the future, the publisher also examines the idea to rename our global EA sports football matches . And on: This means that we review our agreement on the name rights with FIFA separated from all our official partnerships and licenses in the world of football.

The future of football is very large and promising. Finally, Weber: Our priority is to ensure that we can continue to offer the best interactive football experiences in the world. How well the current kicker has become, you read in our test for FIFA 22. Only yesterday, the developers published the first update for the PC version. The console trains should soon receive the patch.

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