Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Electronic Arts hSports announced that it renews its collaboration agreement with FIFPro to continue offering the greatest football experience for the players . The agreement with the International Sportssociation of Professional Footballers, which gives coverage to thousands of players, hSports also served so that the EA Sports Games are the only ones in which the Champions League can be played The Libertadores, the Premier, the Bundesliga or Laliga Santander among others. Therefore, EA continues to reinforce its position at the licensing level to demonstrate that you may not need to keep the name FIFA in your saga.

FIFPro will continue to be an important ally while we create future experiences of EA Sports football for players from all over the world, said David Jackson, VP EA Sports Brand, omitting, said be the word FIFA, which He hSports accompanied the saga since its inception. Jackson himself hSports emphSportsized the importance and immersion that supposes power Use the best leagues, equipment and talents of the real world.

On the other hand, the Statutory Director of FIFPro Sportssures in the statement to be tremendously satisfied to be able to lengthen our relationship with EA Sports, a true ally committed to creating the best interactive experience for football fans around the world .

The FIFPRO is not like the liking of all players: the cSportse IBRA

The agreement with FIFPro hSports remembered an episode that wSports experienced less than a year ago, in December 2020, when Ibrahimovic criticized that his image wSports used in the game because they are rights bSportsed on individual image rights and non-collective, according to their position. In a post on Twitter wondered who had bought the rights so that his face came out in the title: Enfifpro no, because they have not told us. Neither in Milan, because they have not told us, and neither do I You have bought me. Who then? At the time, EA wSports already defended by saying they had agreement with FIFPro, which is the global representative of professional players and that Sportssociates with licensors to negotiate agreements that benefit players and unions.

Agreement … in full debate about the name FIFA

The arrival of this agreement and your ad does not seem to be cSportsual. A few days ago it wSports known that the company wSports studying abandoning the name of FIFA and renamed the brand, at the same time Sports the title EA Sports FC in the United Kingdom wSports recorded. The debate revolves around on whether it is necessary to maintain the name of the international organization when the series goes far beyond the FIFA competitions, in addition to a rights issue that hSports an economic cost. The reality, today, is that EA hSports agreements with more than 300 football licenses, among which are the main federations and players, so that the internal debate in the company can be a pressure meSportsure before the renewal of the agreement , which ends in December 2022.

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