Mon. May 29th, 2023

Mentally Fragile to Mentally STRONG! You have to listen to this!
No-Hit Hispano is increasingly increasing its level and number of users with RUNS increasingly spectacular and that each month surprises us with all the people capable of making these feats. Well, the no-hitter and streamer alduinor has made an almost impossible milestone almost for all: Complete Fallout 3, 4 and New Vegas without receiving a single blow. This challenge is one of the most Difficult we know, since you can not receive a single bullet and also the total game hours are a great ballast for those who want to enter this world.

A total of 15 hours has needed Alduinor In order to end this exciting adventure at the same time that difficult, watching the amount of time and work that all this entails. Although he is not the first person in the world to do it, yes he is one of the first and is the first Spanish player to complete this feat. Even so, the player is expected to start perform more difficult challenges and unique to break world records, either with the successful and dear franchise of Bethesda as other games that are inside or not on the page Team Hitless .

The process to complete this No-Hit has been a hard way, since the RNG of the Games is absurdly high and you would have to be quite careful with everything we meet. Thus, a more complete Spanish one enormously difficult challenge that very few have achieved, further raising the level of the Spanish-speaking community of Non-Hit and being even more references internationally. We hope that in the future the team hitless can come more role games thanks to the love that the community is giving it, since some games like Hades have just arrived on the page over high, so you will have to cross your fingers to That happens something similar with Fallout and others Successful games with many no-hitters behind as Titan Souls or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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