Mon. May 29th, 2023

Remakes games are increasingly constant and it is true that it begins to sound very tedious the return of ancient sagas to the consoles of new generation . However, there are still some games that we keep with enough affection and we have not seen a trace of it after several years of industry. That is why we have compiled up to 4 memorable games that we need a remake or at least, a return of the saga or accessibility in any of which we will mention.

Dino crisis, the eternal perhaps

Like first on the list we will go to the safe and we will mention Dino Crisis, the crazy adventure in which the dinosaurs were the main threat of humans. While it has been rumored about a remake that did not happen and a new game made by a fan, there is still the incognita about whether we will see one of the great works of Capcom in PlayStation or will have to wait A REBOOT of the saga for the new generation consoles. What we know is that the Japanese company has not forgotten the saga and expects to return as soon as possible to take advantage of this one.

PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 6, the best sports simulator in history

We are not going to lie, in the writing we are very football forophysics and the pes 6 has marked each and every one of us in the mythical playstation 2. We know that it is almost impossible to think about the return of a game so Old, but if the next Konami soccer game includes gameplay and game sensation I had the 2006 delivery next to the current quality of the current Pro Evolution Soccer , we could be before a strong rival From FIFA, but they opted for the Pachinko and the Games to Half to continue on the Konami line in recent years after the departure of Kojima.

Need for Speed: Underground 2 will always have a hole in our heart

Monday afternoon, you finished classes and eat at home. After doing homework, you turn on your PS2 with the new game that you have bought called Need for Speed: Underground 2 want to see how it works. It is at that time when you start listening to a version of RIDERS OF THE STORMS with Snoop Dogg while CROCHASES cruit on your screen; That moment is called happiness. While Need for Speed: Carbon can be the best one in terms of history and frenetism, this delivery could fit luxury in the new generation for a simple but great reason: Bayview s night is unique , which next to the Sonora provokes a feeling of chulery that no other racing game can have.

The Lord of the Rings: The return of the King; Timeless classic

We could not finish the list with one of the best adaptations to a videogame in the history of the industry as this last installment of the legendary trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. Just remembering the first level in which we control Gandalf in the Abyss of Helm , we already want to automatically play a delivery full of emotion, adventures and above all cooperative fun in which colleagues gathered at home Someone to spend for the fifth time the battle of the Fields of Pelennor with different franchise characters. Although it is likely to be almost impossible to see it at present, dream is free in these cases.

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