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This is a list of games for the Sony PlayStation 2 video game system. Title names may be various for each area due to the mother tongue talked. The last ready the PlayStation 2, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 was launched on 14 November 2013.

Although we have heard a lot of threshing around the collaboration between PlayStation 5 and Apple, it is still surprising to learn that Apple Music can now be broadcast on PlayStation 5. We have seen, for example, Apple s offer TV for free on PS5. Erin Metzger, Director of Product Management at Sony Interactive Entertainment, did not take promote Apple Music on the PlayStation blog today. It is, according to Metzger, the first console that will have the fully integrated Apple Music experience. Those who have Apple Music subscription will be able to watch music videos, listen more than 90 million songs, various custom reading lists, as well as listen to different music stations on Apple Radio.

Apple Music officially launches on the PS5
However, it is not the easy download of the musical application which is the highest point of the PlayStation 5. This is the fact that it offers a seamless integration of background music before, during and after sessions of Game. It s huge, since it is a background application that is supposed to work while you play. And apparently, Apple Music will also recommend reading lists to accompany your gaming experience or leave the players choose by themselves. This could certainly improve the experience of those who play to soothe their stress or to make things more tensioned during a horror game, creating a perfect game atmosphere.

This facilitates access for those who are already subscribers to Apple Music and can easily start the Apple Music application before players start their game session. Or, surprisingly, for those who decide that they need music to Mid-way from their game session or who have forgotten, can press the PS wireless joystick on Dualsense and access the Control Center card, and select the music function to play their music.

Yet the PlayStation 5 already has Spotify in its App Store, offering the same service. It s hard to say if there will be strong competition between the two streaming services or if any music service will take the initiative to offer music during the gaming experience.

Do you listen to music while playing? Would you use Spotify or Apple Music while playing, or something else? Let us know in the comments below!

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