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Since the launch, the MMO New World is increasingly plagued by bots. These automatically collect raw materials, fishing for fish and perform other actions. Logically, they are a problem: not just that they snap true players who snap the resources, but also destroy the economic system.

Although the developers have already locked numerous bot accounts in recent weeks. However, the situation has not really improved. Meanwhile, the fans have taken the fight against them.

New World Bots Nw-bot

What types of bots are there in New World?

In the online role-play from Amazon Game Studios, several variants of bots frolic. Especially often the quite simple versions are to be found. These usually remain in a single place to repeat the same raw material deposits such as iron ore repeatedly.

However, there are also bots with more complex program routines that move on routes from a spot to another. You are much harder to put the craft.

So players have a bot in New World switched off

A representative of the latter species recently made some players from the server Takamagahara. First, they followed him for a while to calculate his route. Then they have been waiting for the right moment and at lightning fast several storage stations together with the tents around him built.

This has so confused the bot so that he could not continue his route and had to remain in place. Although this is just a temporary solution, as the camp tents disappear after a certain time. Nevertheless, this example shows how incident the community can be.

Have you already had to deal with bots in New World (Buy 39.99 € now? Did you even find a means of helping you to craft? Report us in the comments!

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