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BWIN.Party Digital Entertainment, until 2006 Betandwin, is an online game company resulting from the merger in March 2011 of the PartyGaming Group and Bwin Interactive Entertainment.
Listed in the FTSE 250 index, the largest online online gaming company is better known for its PartyPoker online poker room and Bwin brand sports betting. The company is based in Gibraltar and listed on the London Stock Exchange. Before the adoption of the Law on the Internet Gambling by the American Congress, PartyPoker was the largest online poker brand (based on the incomes of the parties and according to the number players). Its market share has declined since, but it remains the online poker room the second largest in the world.
Money games benefit from specific regulations in some countries. Bwin holds national and international licenses obtained in different countries: Gibraltar, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Italy, France, etc. However, it was excluded from Portugal. In other countries, online gambling are prohibited because of laws guaranteeing national monopolies. Bwin offers sports bets, the casino games and online poker. Its main offices are located in Vienna, Austria, in Stockholm, Sweden, Gibraltar and recently in Paris in France.

There have been increasingly complaints from the players from New World for some time, that they are currently in a motivation hole. The requirement for pure PVP servers has hitherto left unheard of, new content is also not in sight. Therefore, the players now distribute the time in a different way – in the form of self-created casinos.

Are there actually casinos in New World?

Among other things, Reddit.com is to read that more and more players are meeting on different servers from New World in the cities to spend the time with gambling. Particularly popular are the dice games for which there is even a suitable emote (/ DICE) in the MMO.

The process in this gambling is usually similar: a player asks if he is to have for a dice round. Should he agree, both parties agree on an amount the winner receives. Thereafter, use the corresponding emotes throw the cubes. Sometimes it is even very high amounts in the four-digit area. In such cases, before the throw is initially a check by the commercial window.

New World First Impressions
Gambling in New World despite economic problems?

Who has followed the reports of the past days around New World (now buying 39.99 €) may be the question of why the community operates such gambling, but simultaneously complains about an alleged gold deficiency in the MMO. A possible explanation would be the motivation hole described in the end Game. Maybe it s just the need for conviviality and dispersion.

Does your server from New World also take place? Have you ever participated? We would like to read your report about it in the comments!

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