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What I found was great was the passion that the boys have brought and how we defended. It was already a deserved victory, you can not say otherwise, said Kohfeldt after the game at Sky. Above all, the second half, in which the Lower Saxony decided early with a double strike within three minutes at an early stage, made the difference with the residual lever ceased after the residue.

Kohfeldt and the 2: 0 as a symbol

We were not quite bad in the first half, the first 20 minutes I found even good. We did not have so many good things with the ball. The position game I found the whole game about not so good. From the counterattack The offensive okay, out of the position game honestly not good. Since we have a few things in front of us. But that s something that comes with certainty with the duration, the coach analyzed open after the game. Also Maximilian Arnold, who achieved the goal for 2: 0 final score, sees his team now in a mature process. We have to internalize the idea of ​​the coach. Since one can not say that we brush everything away, the midfielder added.

Decisive co-responsible for both Wolfsburg hits were the two Dodi Lukebakio and Paulo Otavio deployed by Kohfeldt for the second half. A little coaching happiness? Yes, said the 39-year-old coach – and praised about the 2-0, in which immediately before Arnold Lukas Nmecha (scorer of the 1: 0) and Yannick Gerhardt had failed in the direction of his team: The scene is a bit symbolic that we just did not stop. That was good.

In addition, Kohfeldt still highlighted a few more things used in the hitherto few joint training sessions. We have already trained twice tactically and today played a new system. The thought was to integrate as many players as many players as possible, so they will automatically make the best, so to speak, and we always wanted to be the goal Defending and I believe that we did well, explained the former Bremer Coach.

Arnold about intensity and the first impression

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To what extent Kohfeldt already had a big share of victory over the injections, Meanwhile, Arnold was not able to specify: If you win 2: 0, you say: Why not? But I think it was just the little things. The Intensity was a little bit lost. It has seen it today, we were very different in the square. Even if we have changed tactically a little something: The biggest point was the intensity with which we worked against the ball Treat us last year and we made much better today. We shot two goals at the right time. We are very glad to have the first step in the right direction.

According to Arnold, Kohfeldt also has captured humanly at the VfL: He pushes a lot, was very nice, very pleasant. But you have to say that that was the same with the last coaches. It s not that we are Since a coach who had not been good from the human side. But the first impression was very good and I hope he retains that.

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