Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

We started strong the week with the announcement of an alliance between two of the largest companies in the history of videogames. SEGA and Microsoft have announced a strategic alliance that could have a lot of influence in the sector and in its infrastructure over the next few years.

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The agreement between both parties is designed for Sega to produce global games on a large scale that the Japanese firm qualifies as Super Game, focusing on key approaches such as Global, Online, Community and Use of intellectual property.

In this way, and based on the cloud platform of Microsoft Azure, it is a strategic alliance with which SEGA would make large-scale developments new and innovative.

This alliance represents SEGA looking to the future and, when working with Microsoft To anticipate such trends as further accelerated in the future, the objective is to optimize development processes and continue to provide high quality experiences Players who use Azure cloud technologies, say from SEGA through official statement.

Both parties, as indicated, buscar Build future technological evolutions with areas such as network infrastructure and communication tools necessary for global online services as a key priority. Now, it is only waiting to know what the first fruits of this new relationship will be.

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