Sun. May 28th, 2023

Every day a new engraving bug is discovered in Amazon s New World. For example, only recently, another Gold Exploite was reported, which resulted in that the developers wanted to restrict a different gold exploit.

How do bugs have to be reported in New World?

New World Infinite Monster Respawn Exploit! Fix This!

Amazon presents the players a detailed guide as they should report bugs in New World (now € 39.99). For example, players must specify their character names and servers. Also, a detailed description must be given, as the bug or exploit concludes whether it is reproducible, and which damage causes.

And for itself, this is a rather normal system, after all, the developers have to know what exactly they need to fix. The problem, however, is that players have to report these bugs in the official forums of the MMO.

So when a user discovers a serious bug, for example a gold exploit, it is shared with all other forum users and explained exactly how to use it. As a result, much more players learn how to duplicate their gold, causing more damage, become invulnerable, and much, much more.

If the reporting system for bugs were a little anonymous, bugs may be exploited by much fewer players and drastic actions such as deactivating all trade activities would not have to be used.

When shooting the number of bugs in New World, it is probably a bit counterproductive that players have to answer these questions every time these questions, as it is quite unnecessary in a gold exploit, knows how the character name of the player means.

When dealing with bugs, this method gives the game a certain transparency, but maybe that s not so good thing in this case.

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