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Zlatan Ibrahimović (pronounced Slǎːtan ɪbrahǐːmʊvɪtɕ in Bosnian) (noticable [Slaː.tan ɪ.bra.hiː.mɔ.vɪtʂ] in Swedish), born October 3, 1981 in Malmö in Sweden, is a Swedish international footballer that presently plays as attacking at air conditioner Milan.
It is thought about to be one of one of the most thorough facilities on the planet and also one of the ideal aggressors of its generation,. Its enforcing figure and its flexibility, acquired by means of the method of fighting styles (Taekwondo black belt) enable it to mark exceptional goals.
Zlatan Ibrahimović has the difference of having actually won the title of champion in four different championships: in the Netherlands with Ajax Amsterdam, Italy with the Inter de Milan and also Milan Air Conditioner, Spain with FC Barcelona as well as in France as well as in France With Paris Saint-Germain. Prior To the Calcio Trquacious Match Case and also the two titles gotten rid of from the Juventus of Turin, he had won the championship in all his clubs since 2002, consisting of eight back to back from 2004 to 2011.
At European level, it does not win the Champions League, although it participates in several European projects with its succeeding clubs. He however won the UEFA supercap and the FIFA Club Globe Mug with Barcelona in 2009 as well as the Europa Organization with Manchester United in 2017.
International since 2001, Zlatan Ibrahimović is currently the very best scorer in the history of Swedish selection.
His charism and his media justifications make it an icon going beyond the structure of the sporting activity, and also the conceited character he represents offers increase to several apologies. The player s given name is the subject of neologism in the prominent culture personified by the verb zlatane.
Recognized character in Sweden, his biography, I Zlatan, is a bestseller (the publication has sold more than half a million copies). It likewise has a stamp to its effigy given that 2014. In 2015, it appears of a variation of the Swedish anthem in bang which is accredited gold disk.

In the Champions League group phase, the remaining parts of the fourth match day were at on Wednesday. BVB played long outnumbered and defeated Ajax at the end of 1: 3. Leipzig was against PSG a penalty-goal in injury time a draw rausholen, but is excreted. The English club from Manchester and Liverpool confidently won and both are at the top of their respective groups. Here s the live ticker for your perusal.

Champions League meeting on Wednesday: All results at a glance

kick-off | Home | result | Away team

18:45 | AC Milan | 1: 1 | FC Porto
18:45 | Real Madrid | 2: 1 | FC Shakhtar Donetsk
21:00 | Manchester City | 4: 1 | Club Brugge

21:00 | RB Leipzig | 2: 2 | Paris Saint-Germain
21:00 | Liverpool | 2: 0 | Atletico Madrid
21:00 | Sporting Lisbon | 4: 0 | Besiktas Istanbul
21:00 | Borussia Dortmund | 1: 2 | ajax Amsterdam
21:00 | Sheriff Tiraspol | 1: 3 | Inter Milan

Champions League: The live ticker of Wednesday s conference for future

For today it was from the pinnacle. It continues on 23 and 24 November. More international football there tomorrow in the Europa League. From this point it was that today, a nice evening and see you next time!

Group D Group D has far opened the door to the Inter knocked out round by beating Tiraspol. But decided in this group is anything yet. Leaders Real (9 points) has just three points ahead of the Moldovans, in between Inter by seven points.

Group C Group C is almost impossible to take Ajax the group victory, the direct comparison with the BVB goes to the Dutch, Sporting could it possibly still change something. 2 on the BVB and Sporting are likely to account in a direct duel between them.

Group B Group B is Liverpool already as group winners. 3rd place to Porto beat (5 points), Atletico (4) and AC Milan (1). As might end up quite also play a role that Klopp can put i the remaining games on a B-team, in order to preserve achievers.

Group A RB secured a point against PSG, remains in the race for 3rd place, especially Bruges in Manchester had no chance. The Citizens sit down at the table top. Bruges has to displace at least a theoretical chance, PSG still on the 2nd place. But with four points behind which is a sporting projects.

Then we look at what has happened since the case today.

Champions League: Wednesday s conference today in Live Scores – Played

90 + 6 Leipzig -. Paris Now s closing time in Leipzig. It was the last game, which was still running on that evening.

90 + 3 Ajax -. Dortmund GOAL! Dortmund – Ajax 1: 3. And also makes Klaassen to the bag in Dortmund. Of course, the preparation of Antony, that can also football matches is also this time. Against Dortmund plate Klaassen is directly in front of goal completely free, more than pushing there is also no longer necessary.

90 + 2 Leipzig -. Paris GOAL! LEIPZIG – Paris 2: 2nd Szoboszlai makes it significantly better than in the first half Silva. He will load Donnarumma.

90 Leipzig -. Paris penalty RB.. Nkunku is precipitated in the penalty area. The VAR has no objection to the whistle. For the second time in this match, the Saxons may ran from the penalty spot.

90 + 2 Manchester City -. Bruges GOAL! Manchester City – Bruges 4: 1. Gabriel Jesus also gets his goal! Cancelo dribbles from right inside and lays the ball from the right Sechzehnereck to the penalty spot to Jesus, who keeps track and inserts the lower right. Mignolet is still there, but powerless.

90 + 2 Sheriff -. Inter Milan GOAL! SHERIFF – Inter Milan 1: 3. Consolation goal for the Moldovans. Thill, the man with the Wundertor against Real, strikes a free kick into the penalty area center where Traore then extended perfectly with his head.

83 . Dortmund – Ajax GOAL! Dortmund – Ajax 1: 2. Ajax has turned the game. Ajax has turned the game. Antony is the right sent down the page breaks before the baseline from pulling back and flicks towards short post, Haller extended with his head.

Last fifteen minutes. Exciting it is really only in Germany.

74 Sheriff -. Inter Milan GOAL! Sheriff – INTER MILAN 3: 0. Not a minute after coming on Alexis Sanchez sent from Brozovic into the box, defenders can all look old and stops from the inside right fully on it. Under the crossbar. Inter makes it clear.

still take Ajax fresh forces for the final quarter of an hour to at least one point – 76 Dortmund.. Reus and make Tigges for Knauff and painting course.

73 Liverpool -. Atletico Clear, with ten full capacity Atletico with defensive duties. Relief is hardly possible, then, that the Spanish champions can turn the game yet, it does not currently looks.

73 Leipzig -. Paris RB does and does – but missing the last conviction. Either the last ball without inaccurate or entering unsuccessful. So a premature end is fast approaching. To prevent the knockout, the lawn Baller need two goals to date.

72 Dortmund -. Ajax GOAL! Dortmund – Ajax 1: 1. But now it has happened. BVB has to swallow the equalizer. A cross from the right half-field Pogracic wants to clarify, but extended unhappy at the far post, so it provides the perfect template for involuntary Tadic, the legs away the ball there freestanding over the line.

. 72 Manchester City – Bruges GOAL! MAN CITY – Bruges 3: 1. The next match of the preliminary round. Sauber pitted. Foden sends Gündogan into the box, the cross pushes the ball into the goal area, Sterling has no trouble before the empty goal.

68 Dortmund -. Ajax Ajax in the second half with 83 percent of the ball, that s a bit much. But what matters is to look at the financial statements. And there s since the break, just a second

65 Dortmund -. Ajax The game is played at the moment as one imagines about when the team that leads, also still outnumbered must play. For BVB there is little relief. It could end up being a question of power.

. 64 Manchester City – Bruges Gündogan to the next degree! A long ball from the half of the Sky Blues heads Hendry insufficiently front of his own penalty area, where Gündogan completes put the ball from 17 meters. A shot centimeters centrally over the bar by Mignolet. Se City has everything under control here. But yes that was true before – up to 1: 1.

66 Sheriff -. Inter Milan GOAL! Sheriff – INTER MILAN 0: 2nd Real, you can. But Inter is taking things a bit too big, even today. A corner three additional contributions for guests. Only fails de Vrij, then Škriniar. But the second attempt Škriniar wins the ball from close range but then over the line. Important. And of course the preliminary decision.

Half an hour still to play up to the meeting in Lisbon everything is still fairly narrow, comparatively even the match in Liverpool.

58 Dortmund -. Ajax Reluctantly leaving Wolf to play on the BVB, muscular problems. Season debut for Passlack in the premier class.

57th Liverpool -Atletico Ironically Suarez now with the goal back for the visitors. From the box, he takes off, the ball is deflected still untenable shortly thereafter by Fabinho. Then comes the VAR and says, wait a minute. Offside.

. 56 Sporting – Besiktas GOAL! SPORTING – Besiktas 4: 0th Guests bring today not set foot on Portuguese lawn. Kei-nen foot.

. 54 Manchester City – Bruges GOAL! MAN CITY – Bruges 2: 1. Mahrez! The man with the gloves can all blow through the Etihad! Resulted in a counterattack guests are moved up, Cancelo then brings an excellent cross from the left to the far post on Mahrez. Nsoki loses the Algerians out of sight, his header from three yards, no one can ward off more.

54 . Sheriff – Inter Milan GOAL! Sheriff – INTER MILAN 0: 1st High Worth going Inter in Moldova in the lead. Brozovic runs at the box makes the last moment a hook and then moves from the box face down. The shot goes through smoothly.

48 Liverpool -. Atletico seconds later cheer the hosts. Jota had been sent by Matip in the alley, but the second hit of the Portuguese is withdrawn because Jota hauchzart triggered an offside position. We move here in the millimeter range.

  1. Liverpool – change Atletico The Reds, Mane, possibly a security measure that has left the field of play and Firmino plays now.

46 Leipzig -. Paris The home team at the break. For Orban Haidara is now in play.

Champions League: Wednesday s conference today in Live Scores – Kickoff for the second half

46 . The games run again.

Do we have Group D, where Inter is fighting for the last hope. This is also to be considered the Milanese. However, the very large penetration is still missing.

In Group C, the BVB conducts well-deserved against Ajax, but as Atletico still has half a half in mind. That will not be easy. In the parallel game sporting the guests disassemble from the Turkish capital. For Besiktas that s what it is likely to mean that, then it will also be impossible with 2nd place if the direct comparison with the only team is lost in reach.

PSG turns the game in Leipzig and gets back to the top of the table in Group A, now even with a 3-point lead, as Manciness had to swallow the clearance against Bruges in the meantime. That does not look good for RB.

Fast a round view. The Reds are in front of the premature group victory in group B. 2: 0 are against Atletico front. This is nothing new, but Atletico also has a complete half-time in mind.

Champions League: Wednesdays conference today in the Livetick – half-time break

45 + x. All games are in half-time.

  1. Sporting – Besiktas Tooor! Sporting – Besiktas 3: 0. And now we can probably talk about the preliminary decision in Lisbon. Lisbon disassembles the newly formed square chain at the counter. Paulinho has room, pulls from the right to the middle and closes from almost 25 meters left to the right bottom torque. It s anything but a Sunday shot, which Ersin makes even worse look than when 2: 0 a few minutes ago.

  2. Leipzig – Paris TOOOR! Leipzig – Paris 1: 2. A corner from the left takes place at the penalty point Marquinhos, who gives by head to the left post, Wijnaldum nods the leather from a short distance. RB defended a lot too airy! Bitter course according to the strong start of the Saxons.

  3. Sporting – Besiktas Tooor! Sporting – Besiktas 2: 0. Ball comprehension in the oppressive. Palhina overturns. The Midfielmann lays down to the right on Pote, which Yilmaz can get off with a hook to the right and immediately subtracts the short corner. Keeper Ersin seems surprised and has to pass the shot.

  4. Liverpool – Atletico The red sitting today loose. Atletico now Felipe Monteiro has to clear the playing field after a tactical foul of the harder style.

  5. Dortmund – Ajax tooor! Dortmund – Ajax 1: 0. Reus enters and send the ball to the bottom left corner. Two centimeters more in the middle, and Paveer would have held the thing.

  6. Dortmund – Ajax Penalty for the BVB after a foul on Bellingham in the penalty area.

  7. MANCITY – Bruges The own goal has made anything with the hosts, in which something the clear line has been lost. In fact, Bruges even came to two good possibilities after compensation.

  8. Dortmund – Ajax Rose must react and replaces Hummels by Pongracic. Hazard falls victim to the point reference.

  9. Sporting – Besiktas tooor! Sporting – Besiktas 1: 0. Sporting goes through a penalty of pote in the lead.

  10. Leipzig – Paris Half an hour is through. Leipzig initially set high problems with high pressing. This resulted in the 1: 0. After that, PSG was able to develop more field advantages, the first good combination used the guests to compensate.

  11. Sheriff – Inter Milan Inter is the better team. The Italians come to no big chance of the game so far. About standards, the Nerazzurri ray out danger, but Tiraspol was able to defend this well so far. Much pace is not in the game.

  12. Dortmund – Ajax From now on the BVB is probably in the lower-mentioned. Hummels must be after a grid from the field. The decision is very hard. Let s see if the Var still intervenes.

  13. Leipzig – Paris di Maria and Adams lead a harmless duel in midfield. The Leipziger feels provoked – and push the Argentinian. There is the first yellow card of the game. And a little barrel formation.

  14. Dortmund – Ajax The BVB is hitherto properly beats. Ajax does not come into play because the ball runs safely through the ranks of the home owners. Against the ball is pressed up, after ball gains back Bellingham and the outside Meunier and Wolf quick to create overbursement situations. The BVB so far with seven degrees, at Ajax are three.

21 . Liverpool – Atletico Tooor! LIVERPOOL – Atletico 2: 0th Actually, it was a goal at Alexander Arnold, who would be well-flown. But in the low shot running Mane, who still mitgibt the ball directly in front of goal a decisive change of direction.

21 . Leipzig – Paris GOAL! Leipzig – PARIS 1: 1. So far, the guests practically nothing to see. An attack ranges. Neymar unplugged from the center to the left into the box on Mbappe which again creates the six-yard box – and then pushes Wijnaldum an effortless.

15 Leipzig -. Paris The initial phase heard clearly the lawn Shooting, which play a strong pressing, forcing Paris to many errors. The star ensemble from Paris does have more possession, the front row of three but still not get into the game. Neymar falls mainly from the fact that he is one of blades of grass up close.

. 15 Manchester City – Bruges GOAL! Manchester City – BRUGES 1: 1. Game on its head and so on. Often they do not come into the opposition half. But that seems too rich that way. A Glückstor. A sharp cross from the left baseline is initially repelled by Ederson s knee bounced on the chest of another City defender s head of Jones, and from there into his own net.

. 14 Manchester City – Bruges GOAL! Manchester City – Bruges 1: 0th A hit, the HAD inevitably fall. Beautiful long. And in view of the gameplay you have to state: That has been so damn lasted long. Mahrez plays from the left side of the ball sharp and flat at the far post. Foden pushing over the line.

. 13 Liverpool – Atletico GOAL! LIVERPOOL – Atletico 1: 0th The Reds go down again. Alexander Arnold zirkelt a free-kick from the right side of the penalty area into the goal area if Jota s perfect run-in. The Portuguese only has to keep off the head.

12 Leipzig -. Paris Well, that will be difficult. Silva takes the penalty spot. Half Up, half center, half bad. Donnarumma has already held more difficult things. RB begins yet again quite generous.

10 Leipzig -. Paris Penalty for RB. And it would have been open to also be a sending-off against Danilo.

8 Dortmund -. Ajax Indes verschludert BVB a big chance. A long ball from Hummels takes Hazard in the penalty area because Alvarez slips. The Belgian can be from Ajax keeper on the left side of the penalty area pushing and then crosses into the middle. It says Bellingham at five and heads only centimeters from the orphaned gate!

5 Leipzig -. Paris GOAL! LEIPZIG – Paris St. Germain 1: 0th Honest. one would rather the reverse expected in Leipzig. Ball profit RB on the counter pressing, Silva marched on the left almost to the baseline, crosses and Nkunku meets with a great diving header.

4 Liverpool -. Atletco A very special match is a match, of course, for Suarez. Prior to the game of Henderson stated that he hoped the Liverpool fans would welcome the Uruguayan friendly, the club owe him a lot. Perhaps there the behind. At the moment Suarez Namely booed at each ball contact.

2 Dortmund -. Ajax The first option gets in this game the way the BVB. A standard that Brandt occurs and can not gild head Hummels. At least that is ever encouraging.

2 Manchester City – Bruges First impressions from Manchester. One could get the impression that playing City. The possession to the opening minutes is almost three digits. To wear down the opponent from the outset the hosts so doing.

1 Dortmund -. Ajax In practical terms, the crowd chanted at the start of the club name. With so many transfers each season that for one or the other players is certainly helpful.

Champions League: Wednesday s conference today in Live Scores – kick-off

1. The games run.

Borussia Dortmund Kobel – Meunier, Akanji, Hummel, M. Wolf – Witsel, Bellingham, Brandt, Reus, T. Hazard – St. Tigges

Ajax Pasveer – Mazraoui, J. Timberlake, L. Martinez, Blind – Ed. Alvarez, Berghuis, Gravenberch, Antony, Tadic – Haller

RB Leipzig Gulacsi – Simakan, Orban, Gvardiol – Mukiele, Disclaimer, T. Adams, Angelino, Nkunku, Forsberg – Silva

Paris St. Germain G. Donnarumma – Hakimi, Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Nuno Mendes – Danilo Pereira, Wijnaldum, Gueye – di Maria, Mbappe, Neymar

Liverpool Alisson – Alexander Arnold, Matip, van Dijk, Tsimikas – J. Henderson, Fabinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain – Salah, Diogo Jota, Mané

Atletico Madrid Oblak – Gimenez, Felipe, Hermoso – Trippier, Koke, de Paul, Carrasco, A. Correa, Joao Felix – Suarez

Manchester City Ederson – Walker, Stones, Laporte, Joao Cancelo – Rodrigo, Gündogan, Bernardo Silva, Foden – Mahrez, Grealish

Club Bruges Mignolet – Hendry, Mechele, Nsoki, Clinton, Sobol – Rits, Vormer, Vanaken – De Ketelaere, Long

Sheriff Tiraspol Athanasiadis – Fernando Costanza, Arboleda, Dulanto, Cristiano – S. Thill, Addo, A. Traoré, Kolovos, Castaneda – Yakhshiboev

Inter Milan S. Handanovic – Škriniar, de Vrij, Bastoni – Darmian, Barella, Brozovic, Vidal, Dimarco – Dzeko, L. Martinez

Sporting Lisbon Adan – Feddal, Coates, Goncalo Inacio – Pedro Porro, Joao Palhinha, Matheus Nunes, Matheus Reis – Sarabia, Paulinho, Pedro Goncalves

Besiktas Destanoglu – Necip Uysal, Welinton, Montero, R. Yilmaz – Mehmet Topal, Souza, Ghezzal, Hutchinson, Larin – Karaman

After the Champions League before the Champions League! In about 20 minutes it continues with six games in the conference on Wednesday. Now there s first the lineups:

Champions League: Wednesday s conference today in Live Scores – Played

90 + 3rd Schluspfiff in Milan. The game ends with one. 1

90 + 2nd Milan – Porto Substitute Porto player Conceicao has been booked for a foul in midfield.

90 + 1st Milan – Porto referee Turpin associates at three minutes of stoppage time in the second half.

90 + 4th Final in Madrid! The home side win. 2: 1

88 . Milan – Porto Substitute Martinez tried the same times with a shot from about 19 meters, it is consistently blocked by Tomori.

86 . Milan – Porto Otavio goes decent performance also leave the pitch. For him, Martinez comes to a brief appearance.

85 . Milan – Porto The Iranians Taremi goes with the guests a good five minutes before the end of the field and for the striker, the Brazilian Pepe comes into play, not to be confused with Porto defender, bears the same name.

85 . Milan – Milan at Porto For Rafael Leao is now closing time and for him Christian Maldini comes into play, the son of club icon Paolo.

90 + 3rd Madrid – Donetsk Dentinho bleats and bleats and looks for yellow.

90 + 2nd Madrid – Donetsk Vinicius Junior verdribbelt in the penalty box. The Brazilian would have Jovic can operate in the center.

90th Madrid – Donetsk Donetsk suppressed. Solomon is now trying a shot just in front of the goal. Courtois let the ball bounce to the front. Luckily for him, there was no opponent to exploit to the faux pas.

83rd Milan – Porto Joker Ibrahimovic scored the supposed 2: 1 for the Milan, the hit is not recognized because of an offside decision and thus it remains at 1: 1.

82 . Milan – Porto A good ten minutes still to play in Milan. The Rossoneri would bring currently a point against Porto, which could well be facing the other matches in the group too little but to hibernate internationally. Thus does Milan well to play here in the time remaining fully to win.

86 . Madrid – Donetsk Goal scorer to 1: 1, Fernando, must now give way for the experienced striker Dentinho.

84th Madrid – Donetsk Modric takes a corner from the right side of the penalty area. Militao sits in the goal area by, but his header is neither sharp nor placed enough to the enemy target.

82nd Madrid – Donetsk Ismaily! The left-back is served by Marlos. good header goes over the crossbar Madrid.

79 . Milan – Porto In addition, coach Conceicao also takes the scorers Luis Diaz from the field and brings this Bruno Costa into play.

79 . Milan – Porto Porto sets before the final phase of a double shift. For Evanilson Conceicao comes into play.

80 . Madrid – Donetsk Also Taras Stepanenko should the guests out now, Heorhii Sudakov replaced him.

79 . Madrid – Donetsk The Brazilian Alan Patrick is replaced. Marcos Antonio must prove now.

79 . Madrid – Donetsk S tanding ovation for Karim Benzema! Luka Jovic now come for him.

76 . Milan – Porto Milan Giroud has after two dangerous statements today after work and for him it is now just Oldie Ibrahimovic set up for the hosts in the offensive.

73 . Milan – Porto Substitute Vitinha legs away to fellow substitute Krunic in the midfield compensates times quite badly from behind and sees it rightly booked.

72 . Milan – Porto The been changed Tonali should also be slightly chipped. Now the midfielder on the bench, his right shin is cooled.

75 . Madrid – Donetsk Stepanenko has space and uses these meters to a left-footed shot from the 20th The ball rushes just over the crossbar Madrid.

70 . Milan – Porto Also Porto change a good 20 minutes before the end the first time. For veteran Sergio Oliveira Vitinha may ben ran the guests.

72nd Madrid – Donetsk There must Vinicius Junior out of it make more: Benzema sends him left behind the defense. but the Brazilian does not directly and waits a bit. His left-footed shot can then therefore be blocked by Marlon via sliding tackle.

71st Madrid – Donetsk Also replace rating: Mykhailo Mudryk do for Solomon Manor Place.

68 . Milan – Porto In addition, sets coach Pioli also on Kessie in midfield and takes it Tonali off.

68 . Milan – Porto In Milan there is now the next change. Krunic comes for Brahim Diaz into play.

66 . Milan – Porto The Milanese feel their chance of course, but to turn here the game is still in their favor. This is also urgently needed, the Italians in the race for the top two spots in the group want to be involved somehow.

65 . Milan – Porto Mbemba stops Rafael Leao just left of the penalty area and it is Porto s central defender gets a yellow card.

66 . Madrid – Donetsk Dani Carvajal has office hours, Nacho Fernandez is it pure.

65 . Madrid – Donetsk goes so fast that at the Bernabeu: Has caught sporadically a few minutes, the audience is with the 2: 1 again pacified and can be the disapprovals.

61 . Toooor! AC Milan – FC PORTO 1: 1! Mbemba hits into his own net! First Bennacer shoots a free-kick into the wall, it then goes to the feet of Giroud who enters the box from the rotation. This ball kan Diogo Costa ward or to the side, but then fantastic Kalulu zoom and pushes the ball left of the six-yard box from a tight angle by the legs of the Keepers towards the goal. Just before the line Mbemba spoofs as of yet, so it is declared as an own Porto defender, but the ball would probably also so ended up in goal.

63 . Madrid – Donetsk Casemiro rising hard against a Dodo and is punished with yellow.

59th Milan – Porto For the Milanese now gets star striker Ibrahimovic quite intensely warm. He would probably soon come to an Joker use. Last in the victory against Roma s 40-year-old was still in the starting of the Rossoneri.

55 . Milan – Porto crossbar! The kick for the foul on Taremi provide equal time for correct risk. First, Pepe is left in the penalty area the ball heads it across and then Evanilson also sets elegantly received from close range to the top of the bar.

55th Milan – Porto Milan Tomori is shown the yellow card for a boisterous to getting on the halfway line against Taremi.

61st Goal! REAL Donetsk 2: 1. Again, it s Vinicius Junior, who hangs up for Benzema: The Brasiliener is right dodged and plays a one-two with Casemiro in the center. In the penalty area Vinicius Junior sets then cross and Benzema can easily re-insert.

57th Madrid – Donetsk Mudryk loses the ball and it goes fast at Real. Kroos Vinicius Junior wants to send left side, but the game machine is the Brazilians at their heels and Donetsk clears.

52 . Milan – Porto Rafael Leao is sent right at the penalty area with a pass into the depths. The Portuguese then shoots the ball to the net. A possible matches would have anyway not counted because Rafael Leao was offside and therefore the flag was the assistant referee in retrospect also high.

55th Madrid – Donetsk Now there is shown a yellow card for Roberto de Zerbi, the coach of the guests. He had bitched a little too loud with the referees.

49 . Milan – Porto Porto Grujic is shown the yellow card for a bad foul on penalty box against Tonali. It is the first warning at all in today s game, which was very far out fairly.

52 . Madrid – Donetsk Vinicius Junior left ignites the Turbo and sits down in one-on-one against Dodo by. His low cross but then clarified before the bullet prepare Mendy and Benzema.

50 . Madrid – Donetsk The goal ratio is currently 7: 6 for Real. In the course of the game it became more and more a game on equal terms.

48th Madrid – Donetsk Vazquez is sent into the right distance and sits over duel with Ismaily by. In the penalty area, the Spaniard will fall, but is right back on and looks Benzema. The pass, however, intercepted and understood.

46 Milan -. Porto For the Milanese there with the restart the first change. For the battered Calabria Kalulu comes into play.

Champions League: Wednesday s conference today in Live Scores – Kickoff for the second halftime

  1. Continue in Milan.

  2. It continues at the Santiago Bernabeu!

Madrid – Donetsk Real began very dominant and acted with a lot of train to the gate. Because the Blancos were very high, they came to some ball gains in the opposing half. As with the 1: 0, when Marlon jumped the ball in his own penalty area too far from the foot. After the Benzema hit, Madrid took the foot of the gas and Donetsk sat with his fast switching tappets. One of these attacks by the center Fernando to 1: 1. A just draw after the first 45 minutes.

Milan – Porto At the half of the Champions League encounter between the AC Milan and the FC Porto, the guests lead through an early hitch of Luis Diaz with 1: 0. Thereafter, the Portuguese had further possibilities, especially by Head Bells of Grujic, while Milan was offensive for a long time quite harmless. Only a beautiful Schlenzer of Giroud changed this for a short time, but this also remained the only degree of hosts on the opposing gate. Thus, the leadership for Porto is absolutely fine for the break.

Champions League: Wednesdays conference today in Livetick – halftime

      1. Halftime in Milan.
      1. Halftime in Madrid! It s first whistles in Santiago Bernabeu to hear.

45 . Madrid – Donetsk Fernando! Patrick sends his Brazilian compatriot into the depths. He penetrates into the penalty area and closes with left. Courtois parries responsive and clarifies to the corner.

44 . Madrid – Donetsk Real makes it comfortable again in half Shakhtars. However, two free kicks have not produced noteworthy.

  1. Milan – Porto Milan has apparently also set itself on the strength of Portos when resting balls. Especially in the initial phase of the game, Grujic came to graduate two times even promising by head. Both times, Milan s goalkeeper Tatarusanu reacted very strong to the Grujic headballs.

41 . Madrid – Donetsk Real is promptly punished that they have taken out tempo from the game. The rapid counterattacks of the Ukrainians was so far lacked precision – until Matviienko now found Patrick.

40 . Milan – Porto referee Turpin admonishes Portos Keeper right early in the encounter because Diogo Costa can be placed a lot of time at stakes.

  1. TOOOOOOOR! Real Donetsk 1: 1. The guests are off! Patrick is sent to the penalty area with a long ball. The Brazilian lays down with the chest to Fernando, which shoots the ball with sheeps into the gate.

39 . Madrid – Donetsk Ferland Mendy tears Tete to Soil Fund Word Consequently warned.

38 . Milan – Porto After Milan had the first possibility by Giroud, Porto now checks the game completely again.

35 . Milan – Porto With a collision in the five-meter room with Giroud, Portos goalkeeper Diogo Costa has probably got to WS. The final man must therefore be treated.

34 . Madrid – Donetsk Kroos drives the ball forward and then serves Benzema left in the box. The Frenchman wants to sweat the game device in the right upper corner, but shoots far over.

33 . Milan – Porto The next conclusion! Grujic is played at half-law at the penalty area and the former Liverpool professional stops on about 17 meters. Tatarusanu parsly.

32 . Madrid – Donetsk The Ukrainians play well through the rows Reals and then come in the penalty area at the end: Fernando shoots just just at the box of the hosts.

31 . Milan – Porto Porto striker Taremi shoots from the left in the penalty area from about 13 meters. Romagnoli can still block the ball straight and distract the goal out. After that, he calls on his teammates to be more concentration.

29 . Madrid – Donetsk In the guests, the fast Mudryk is now a bit more conspicuous. He flirts sharply from the left into the penalty area, but does not find a customer.

28 . Milan – Porto Meanwhile you really have to hold that the leadership Portos is absolutely earned. In addition to the hit to 1-0 by Luis Diaz, the guests mainly had two other possibilities due to the head balls of Grujic. On the other side Milan is offensively quite harmless.

27 . Madrid – Donetsk Since the leadership the Blancos have taken some pace from the game. Nevertheless, they remain the clearly dominant team.

  1. Milan – Porto After a corner from the right to the long post, Milan s defense Grujic is easy to head to the header. The Serb sets the ball well from about nine meters in the direction of Left corner, but Tatarusanu also parrines this attempt by Grujic

24 . Madrid – Donetsk For example, the Shakhtar counterparts are dangerous: Mudryk is served by Fernando and tries it from 17 meters of goal distance. The ball comes but central and Courtois catches him loose.

24 . Milan-Porto Milans Captain Romagnoli clarifies right in the penalty area at a passport in the depth on Taremi just in good time in front of the Iraner into the Toraus.

23 . Madrid – Donetsk Real is the clear better team here. But the Ukrainians have quite weapons with whom they can hurt the royal.

21 . Milan – Porto In the first about 20 minutes Porto checked the game very cleverly, Milan acts above all by the early residue but very shocked. The Italians also know that today a defeat would probably mean that out in the royal class and takes place 3 thereby in very long distance.

20 . Madrid – Donetsk Benzema has now hit the third time in a row in a Champions League game. He has achieved three goals overall.

18 . Milan-Porto Now Milans Hernandez is slightly struck, he got a kick from opponent Taremi. The Frenchman must therefore be treated on the field.

17 . Madrid – Donetsk again fails Modric to Trubin! Vazquez is on the right and could complete. But he puts across the croat, which finds again with a flat shot his master in the keeper of the guests.

17 . Milan – Porto Almost 2-0! After a free kick from the right on the penalty area on the long post, Grujic comes with the end to the end and Tatarusanu just with the fingertips to the ball to direct this right around the post.

16 . Madrid – Donetsk Real has now achieved 1000 hits in the premier class!

15 . Milan – Porto Good For a quarter of an hour is played in Milan and Porto leads through a hit by Luiz Diaz with 1: 0. The Portuguese achieved the decisive goal already in the first leg victory Portos against Milan.

  1. TOOOOOOR! Real DonEzk 1: 0. What a Bock of Doenzk! Trubin plays under pressure to Marlon, which can not accept the ball in the penalty area. Vinicius Junior is here immediately and steals the ball. The Brazilian goes to the baseline and then puts across Benzema, which pushes into the empty gate to guide.

13 . Madrid – Donetsk Mudryk is sent to the depth with a high ball. The attacker of the guests is faster than Carvajal and penetrates into the penalty area. He places the ball too far and Courtois can snap the ball.

12 . Milan – Porto By the current score, Porto would at least temporarily advance with seven points on 2 of the table. The parallel game between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid takes place today only at 21 o clock. Only then will Porto or Milan know the exact group constellation after each four games.

  1. Milan – postage At first Luis Diaz claims to be strong in the penalty area and then plays in the back room on Otavio. Its shot under pressure goes over the gate from about 15 meters.

9 . Milan – Porto After a cross from the right on the penalty area on the long post, Tatarusanu can distract the ball only with one hand, because the Romanian did not look very convincing.

9 . Madrid – Donetsk Kroos takes the number 7 Shakhtars, Maycon, in man coverage, and makes the Ukrainian make the game build up so immense.

8th. Madrid – Donetsk DonEzk has now penetrated to Tete and Dodo right in the penalty area of ​​the home owners. Mendy stopped Dodo with his massive body. The Brazilian goes to the ground and demands penalty, but that was a bit too little.

  1. Madrid – Donetsk Madrid makes a tidy pace here and seems to quickly make nails with heads.

8th. By the way, Milan – postage at the guests were still a change in the starting eleven. Template encoder Grujic moved to Uribe into the Team of Porto and now had a significant share of the ball profit and then the overview as well as the pass to Luis Diaz.

  1. TOOOOOOOOOOOR! AC Milan – FC Porto 0: 1! Luiz Diaz beats! The guests conquer the ball through Grujic in the midfield, then the Serbe plays after a dribbling in the penalty area left to Luis Diaz and this pushes the ball overlooking Keeper Tatarusanu past 1: 0 guidance for Porto in the left corner.

5 . Madrid – Donetsk and now you come over right! Vazquez and Modric play a double double pass. The Croat is then free in the penalty area and attracts at the right of seven meters. Trudin wipes the shot responsive with right from the danger zone.

4 . Milan – Porto Portos Defense Routinier Pepe is slightly struck by Hernandez. Normally one knows the rather the other way around that the former Real-Star Pepe divided into two fights properly.

  1. Madrid – Donetsk Now there are increasing ball passages from Madrid. That was expectable. A lot goes over links where Mendy and Vinicius Junior harmonize.

2 . Madrid – Donetsk Real puts the guests early under pressure and runs high.

1. Milan – Porto Porto comes to a huge chance immediately after the impetus. Evanilson pulls on the left side of the five-meter room out of turn, the ball goes to the outside network.

Champions League: Wednesdays Conference today in Livetick – kick-off

  1. Let s start in Milan.

  2. Donetsk stoves, the game has begun!

Champions League: Wednesdays conference today in the live ticker – before starting

Real Madrid: Courtois – Carvajal, Militao, Alaba, Mendy – Kraos, Casemiro, Modric – Vazquez, Benzema, Vinicius Junior

Schachtar Donetsk: Trubin – Ismaily, Matvienko, Marlon, Dodo – Mudryk, Patrick, Stepanenko, Maycon, Mateus Martins – Fernando

AC Milan: Tatarusanu – Calabria, Tomori, Romagnoli, Hernandez – Tonali, Bennacer – Saelemaekers, Brahim Diaz, Rafael Leao – Giroud

FC Porto: Diogo Costa – Sanusi, Mbemba, Pepe, Joao Mario – Diaz, Sergio Oliveira, Uribe, Otavio – Evanilson, Taremi

Before starting: At 18.45, the first two lots of the Champions League start on Wednesday. The AC Milan receives the FC Porto and Schachtar Donetsk is a guest at the royal of Real Madrid. Here s the same first the statements.

Before starting: As yesterday, two German teams are also in use today. Borussia Dortmund meets the still unbeaten leader of the group C Ajax Amsterdam. RB Leipzig must ran against Paris Saint-Germain, which will compete without Lionel Messi.

Before starting: Eight duels are completed. Two of them start at 18.45 clock, the rest starts at 21 o clock.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the 4th Champions League game day.

Champions League: Wednesdays conference today on TV and Livestream

The streaming service Dazn today shows all the eight games of the premier class both individually and in the conference. The transfer of the Wednesday conference begins at 18.30. Tobi madness is used as a moderator.

The Netflix of Sports has the transfer rights for most of the Champions League, but also shows the Friday and Sunday games of the Bundesliga, the series A, Ligue 1, Primera Division and numerous international matches.

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