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Assassin s Creed (literally The Credo de l Assassin ) is a series of historical video games of journey and seepage in open globe, established and also edited by Ubisoft. The main titles established by Ubisoft Montreal run out the 7th (Xbox 360 and also PlayStation 3), 8th generation (Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch Over as well as Wii U) and also the 9th generation (Xbox Series, PlayStation 5) thus Just on PC, while the secondary episodes came out on mobile gaming consoles (Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable, PlayStation Vita) as well as on cellphones (Java, Android, IPHONE).
The concept of the video game rests on the bad blood, an equipment efficient in reading the genetic memory of a topic, that is to say the memory of its forefathers. This concept makes it possible to check out different locations and periods of the past. The lead character of the very first shutters of the collection is Desmond Miles, a young American having ancestors developing component of the Assassin Order, a secular asian sect. We uncover in Assassin s Creed, the first game of the series launched in 2007, Altaïr Ibn La-Ahad, an assassin master who resided in the holy land throughout the third campaign, after that different characters who experienced different historical periods. The Brotherhood of Assassins is in the collection in consistent dispute with the Templars who have actually likewise disappeared in the video game, even after their official dissolution. The last episode dated, Assassin s Creed Valhalla, happens throughout the Viking period and came out in 2020.

Demons (Remastered)
Although every piece happens in a precise historical and geographical context, narrative arcs appear over the same period: the third crusade (Assassin s Creed, Altaïr s Chronicles, Bloodlines), the Renaissance (Assassin s Creed II, Discovery, League, Revelings, Identification ), the American Change (Assassin s Creed III, Freedom, Assassin s Creed IV: Black Flag, Pirates, Snape), The Transformations (Unity (French Transformation), Syndicate (Industrial Transformation), Chronicles (Russian Change)), Antiquity (Origins, Odyssey) and also the Viking era (Valhalla).

When you walk in the kingdom in Rogue Legacy 2, you can live long enough to meet a strange statue at the top of a large room that you need Spinkick to go to the top. The statue holds a particular book in his hand. There is a strange voice that speaks to you, offering you the power of empathy if you can succeed one s event. If you choose to accept, the statue restores your health and mana, sending you in the test. You have to compete with its tips to get to the end.

The power of empathy is a random appearance and something you need to find by exploring the kingdom. There is no exact location for that.

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hidden drop

When you arrive for the first time at the test, you want to go to the bottom of the tunnel. When you reach the bottom, there is a small blue power illumination with which you can interact. This suggests that the room offers you two choices, but hides a third. If you get out of the edge of one side of the pillar, you come back to the middle. You have to push and jump where the blue power is, and you will go into the next room.

Master the Spinkick

In the second room, jump on the walls until reaching the next blue parchment with which you can interact. Talk to him and he explains how a former suggested using obstacles as hidden opportunities. You must wait for the flash metal swing rotate at the correct angle so that you can spinkick to reach the next platform. You will have to do it four times before reaching a large circle of these deadly metal clocks.

There is a small area where there is space, allowing you to Spinkick inside. Wait for it to be on the left side of the room to try to jump to use its momentum to reach the next platform in the center of these. Wait for the gap again to reach the top.


The third room allows you to use spinkicks to hit the lanterns with green crystals inside until you reach the next blue parchment. Interact with him to learn that there are upcoming nightmares. These nightmares have a separate red aura that surrounds them. If you try to attack or use your attacks in their aura, they immediately pull you on.

The best way to do is to use the Spinkick on the doors, then move from where you were. To do this, skip a bit in the air, push into the door and activate your Spinkick. The nightmares should turn to you to shoot a flash. It s a bit easy to dodge, but as you move in the room, these red auras pile up, becoming increasingly difficult. Do it until the end, and there should be a new blue power source with which you can interact in the middle of two nightmares. He teaches you to reach the nightmares and interact with them to disable them, allowing you to hit the door without attacking. Proceed to the next series of doors until transport to the next room

fighting in nightmares

The fourth test has two nightmares on each side of the room and enemies appear. You must disable nightmares to attack enemies. You can risk fighting enemies before turning off, but you will probably find yourself touched by them. If you have magic spells remotely, try turning off a nightmare from one side of the room and hitting your opponents from afar.

Then two nightmares cover the entire room and skeletons on both sides of you. If you move, the platforms below you break immediately and there are points down. Try to break the platforms where the skeletons are to make them fall, moving away from the spikes. Two other skeletons appear in the middle and you have to repeat the process.

After defeating the skeletons, you teleport yourself to another room where you repeat the same process. This time, you are against the swordguards and you have to break the platforms under you to make them fall. There are two at each level. Wait until the previous platform over reappears, then jump and drop the guards on the next. Repeat the process until they fall deep down and hit the tips to kill them.

The last room includes two ghosts that appear on both sides of the room. Jump in the air to try to hit the nightmare in the middle of the room, then take them out. They launch an explosion of magic attacks, so do not be too close to them when they attack. After their death, two swordguards appear below. Turn off the nightmare again and repeat the process. The final fight opposes you to a pair of caches of soul, and now you should know what to do. You will teleport yourself in the last area where you can claim your new capacity, the power of empathy. You can read Esop s volume to access the memories it contains.

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