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The multiplayer aspect of Call of Duty: Vanguard will definitely be the place where most players will spend their time. It will be a very populous place where people of all skills take their equipment to fight against the competition. As with any other game, a meta has formed here too, which is feasible and what not.

We all like to win and achieve these fantastic kill streaks. In order to make you a little easier for this task, we listen to the best Vanguard weapons that range from each type to fit your game style, but give you a competitive advantage.

The top class weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Storm rifles:


This standard assault rifle is ready for use immediately. You will receive this right if you reach Multiplayer-Level 4 (Lance Corporal). If you just start, the STG44 does not have to attach much and is still good.

A weapon that does not require essays to be good, is a force that needs to expect. It has a surprisingly small and manageable recoil. Despite its mean accuracy, it can be used almost in all ranges. However, it is not ideal for situations in a small space, especially if you decide to shoot on the hip. The STG44 could also be one of the best weapons in Vanguard.


You will get this weapon from Level 25, but this is definitely a blow when you are the shooter. This is still a storm rifle, but it is optimally used for remote struggles.

If you can customize this weapon with parts that increase accuracy and handling, you can essentially dim people before you can see them at all. Since they have in contrast to conventional assault guns over higher caribous floors, this weapon has a noticeable prolonged recharge speed than the others. This can be mitigated with a fingertip feeling.



The MP-40 was one of the top animal weapons in Vanguard in both beta phase and in the full version. It is another standard weapon that you receive when you unlock the adjustment to Level 4. The weapon is practiced in close and medium-range struggle, especially due to the fact that it has a manageable recoil and fast statistics across the board.

With the right setup, which focuses on ADS speed, recharge speed and handling, you can turn off an opponent with the correct destination. You do not even have to worry about the setback of the weapon. It should be an SMG, but feels like it with many of the assault rifles in Call of Duty: Vanguard can stand up at the top with respect to the lethality.

Type 100

This is also a weapon on a later level in the game. You can unlock it until you have reached Level 39, but this SMG with the side shaft is a weapon. The type 100 can stand alone, but with attachments it can record it with the firepower of the MP40.

Ideally, you want to attach essays that increase your general mobility with the weapon. If you want to go to the hip shooting, you can do this. You can also create a build similar to the MP40, in which you prioritize quickly aims and weakening of the recoil.



The Combat Shotgun is undoubtedly the best shotgun in Call of Duty: Vanguard. It leads me back to the days of Spas-12 of Modern Warfare 2. It is basically the variant of the Second World War, which is a pumping, in which every grenade must be reloaded individually.

This is the best weapon for firing from the hip for encounters up close. To increase its potential, you should build this around hip fire and a narrower floor distribution. It does not matter if you receive all sentences for ADS. Shotguns are not intended for remote struggles.

Vanguard BEST GUNS ranking from WORST to BEST (Best Class Setups)



For those who have played World At, this beast can suppress a LEG opponent of pretty big distance. It has an initial magnitude of 63, which is more than enough to achieve a few kills or at least bring people to shoot at you anymore.

Since it is an LEG, of course, the recoil and the long repatriate speed are the biggest disadvantages. These can mostly be mitigated by either with a larger magazine all-in and eliminating the need to refill after every kill and commitment. Six or more seconds in a call of duty match are the difference between life and death, so it is really a compromise and more attractive for methodological approaches.

Sniper rifles:

M1 Grand

Luckily, if you are a player at a lower level and prefer a precision-based combat approach, the M1 Grand offers a high mixture of deadliness and versatility due to its exact accuracy and range potential. However, since it is a semi-automatic weapon, they will feel the effects of failure shots.

You must be a perfect shooter to get the most out of this weapon or a weapon of this class. It will also have a few magazines, so you need to manage your ammunition economy much more carefully. If you use this weapon, make them similar to the assault rifle bar. They lie something in the same region in terms of damage potential, but this is a semi-automatic in comparison to the automatic beam.

Sniper rifles:


If you are the ultimate shooter and meets a single shot, the KAR98K is just right for you. Unfortunately, you will not get it until you reach Level 43, but rightly. This weapon may not be like the Barrel.50 CAL from earlier games, but she ll come close to her. Combine all essays to this weapon according to your wishes, but you should increase the firepower at any time with the 8 mm Klaus er magazine.

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— This article was updated on 5 November 2021

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