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In an exciting final, Edward Gaming (EDGE) has crowned himself to the new world champion in League of Legends. The Chinese team came back in the spectacular series against the last year s world champion Damon (DWG) from Korea from a residue and got the first title in the club s history.

Before the final, DWG was declared a clear favorite for the title. The Team from South Korea has not only recovered the previous edition of the LOL World Cup, they also played a nearly perfect tournament until the final and only released in the semifinals against T1 rounds.

Surprise by outsider Edward Gaming

Edge, on the other hand, were the first time in the final of the Worlds. The organization made it in the supposedly weaker tournament tree to the final and therefore clearly included the outer man role in this duel.

Edward Gaming immediately showed why the team was expected. They started the exciting final series surprisingly with a victory. But then Damon could catch and secure the balance with a significant victory.

The remaining games were exciting and heavily competitive. DWG was also able to win the third party and ensure a match ball. However, this was not used, because EDGE managed compensation in a narrow fourth round. This went the World Cup final over the full length. That did not exist anymore since 2016.

The exciting last duel became open exchange. Both teams could temporarily give advantages, but only briefly settle from the strong competition. Ultimately, EDGE was able to secure the dragon and play this advantage until the end. They won the crucial game and thus the world championship title.

DK vs. EDG | Worlds Finals | DWG KIA vs. Edward Gaming | Game 5 (2021)

First World Cup title for EDGE

With this victory, the organization from China could not only win the first title with the Worlds, they made it for the first time over the quarter-finals. Accordingly, the joy was great:

When we started the journey with EDGE in 2015, we had some good results. Then there were so many obstacles, so many difficulties, said Edge Support Player Than s Make Ye in the interview after the game. But now we could overcome them all and win this trophy for us, I feel that our efforts have paid out.

The five players of Edward Gaming were rewarded with prize money of about €420,000. Damon Kia received prize money from CIRCA as a vice world champion. €280,000.

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