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Star dew Valley, The occasional farm simulator based on pixels that surprised fans with its surprising depth received very awaited update 1.4 today. It offers a range of new features, such as new quests, new items, the extra sound bands, The Characters and The Construction Options Customization Options.

For those who look at the update notes 1.4, this update looks more like an extension pack only a simple update.

A partial disadvantage of the update is that it will not yet make its way to console or mobile. ApproxideDape, the developer, is a team of 1 and has made it at the players for the moment. There is no precise schedule yet for the Mobile or Console 1.4 update, but the deployment of version 1.3 took the month. Do not expect if you are not a PC player.

The update 1.4 adds an end-of-game quest involving an abandoned building that ADOPTED APE has left to the community to discover and learn to access.

Players can also change their character with new clothes with the tailor system. There are several new useful items to use around the farm, and the player can double the inner size of his hangar.

We shared the complete hotfix notes below, but it should be necessary to know that The Notes complete the full hotfix notes. If players prefer to avoid spoilers, make sure to discover the POST without spoiler affected ape posted on its website.

Spoiler warning! Here are the complete update notes.

New content and features

multiplayer changes

Adding optional separate money in multiplayer.
Added support The Private Discussion Messages.
Add more server messages multiplayer.
Added a command / ping chat that prints the current host ping (for agricultural workers) or on each employee (for the host).
Added a chat command.
Add the discussion commands / ban and / unban. Prohibitions apply to each farm and the command can be called with a farmer name, user ID or IP address. In any case, it will prohibit the user, not the farmer s character.
Adding multiplayer synchronization for…
Daily chance;
Display chart quests (in most the case);
the trains;
Mine fog events;
Collection of lost books;
Limited stock The Merchant;
drum blocks / flute;
Adjustments of the position of the fishing cane while it is in the air;
Animation when a player has a fish on the line.
When creating a new multiplayer form, the Startup Cabins option is now defined by default on 1 instead of none.
Each player now has a separate mailbox and a spouse porch.
Each player can now build a separate cellar.
When a player drops a multiplayer item, the other players nearby have the priority to pick it up.
You can now see the other players scores at some festivals in multiplayer mode.
Multiplayer quests now define the difficulty according to the highest player.
In the skull cave, mine wells now bring the players at the same level in multiplayer.
In multiplayer, many random checks now use the average team of the team instead of the only chance of the host.
If the connection to a multiplayer server fails, the game will retry internally before giving up.
The reward for completing the bulletin board package now applies to all multiplayer players.
The displacement of a shipping basket no longer leaves its lid behind for other players with a multiplayer farm.

The quality of life changes

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balance changes

Fruit trees no longer need to empty the surrounding slabs to improve their quality once they are completely developed.
Growth The fruit trees is no longer blocked by the objects that do not collide (including the artifact spots).
Mushrooms do not throw more wood (and debris are now white instead of brown).
You can now strengthen your friendship by talking with NPCs at festivals.
Trains are now laying more articles.
Some items no longer appear in random stocks The Shops: Empty eggs, empty mayonnaise and sweet gem berries.
The career is now generating the oaks and the maple.
Coal ovens now require 2 copper bars (instead of a gold ingot).
Cheese is now selling more expensive.
The fabric now falls more often the mummy.
Dresses are now more expensive.
Weaving trades can now produce several clothes when the top quality items are seized.
Crêpes can no longer be purchased from Robust before winter Y1.
The robust ring is now easier to manufacture.
Journey of the Prairie King has been rebalanced.
Calico Jack and slot machines in the casino now keep the player statistically. (Previously, the player was more likely to lose.)
The forestry profession now has 25% more wood / strains / logs / logs than wood, instead of increasing its value by 50%.
Speeder and Retaining Soil can now be applied to crops at any time.
Basic and quality fertilizers can be applied to seeds (but can not be applied once the seed has sprouted).
Rebalancing the frequency at which the secret notes are deleted.
Fishing gear sell cheaper once damaged, depending on the sustainability that remains for them.
Sweet Gem Berry can not be bought with the travel cart (you can only buy seeds).
Bean Hotpot now gives maximum energy of +30 and +32 magnetism, instead of displaying maximum +2 energy, without getting anything back.
Quality The Spring Onions is now determined at the beginning of the day.
The legend can now be caught only once.
The lower edge of the fishing bomber bar is slightly more generous.
The effect of the fishing level on the size of the fish no longer cafes at 10.
Debris now reappear at the beginning of spring in the Cinder sap Forest, the city and the railway.
Reduction of the number of objects splashing in the water when visually on the mainland.
Land liners are now always harvested immediately the next day.
Wheat now has 40% chance of dropping hay when harvested.
Wild bait can now be obtained from fishing treasure chests if you know the craft recipe.

Enhanced controller support

Adding a keyboard on the screen to type in the discussion fields or text using the controller.
Adding the ability to store an object when playing with the controller, thus releasing your hands to interact with the NPCs without giving them accident the objects.
Adding a left / right shortcut key in the inventory menus. When the new Add to Existing Battery button is available, pressing the shortcut key automatically fuck this button to facilitate the consolidation of the inventory.
You can now highlight the Required The elements list in the Junior set screen when using a controller. You can show a tooltip containing the description of the item.
Navigation / Using the Enhanced Controller in…
The donation screen at the museum;
Load Game Menus and Join / Host Coop Game;
The bundle screen (it is no longer necessary to scroll through the right way to access the second line);
Safe and article seizure screens;
Craft menu.
Improvement of switching between keyboard / mouse mode and controller mode. For example, if a controller is plugged in, the inputs of the mouse are no longer captured by the buttons.
Improvement of placement logic with a controller (plant the seeds, place the furniture, etc.).
You can now direct your fishing throws with a controller.
The Buffs display bubble is now masked if the mouse cursor is not visible.
Correcting the slider block on the upper left element when you click the Organize Controller items buttons.
Correction of the D-Pad does not correctly select the dialog options.
Fixed a problem making the pregnancy deactivation option in non-selectable animal with a controller.
Fixed navigation in the Languages ​​menu using a controller.
Problem resolved: The reorganization of artifacts in the museum did not work with controller menus.
Fixed various problems related to the choice of dialogue with a controller.
Correcting the ability to move the cursor on the sending screen once the screen had been closed with the OK button of a controller.
The slider fixed slightly mi sinned on the skills screen when you enter for the first time using a controller.
Correction of various problems related to the cursor display in the upper-level screens with a controller.
Some problems related to the controller navigation in the Portfolio section of the Skills tab have been resolved.
Correction of controller navigation in drop-down lists on the options screen.
Problem resolved: The controller s left-hand handle moved the mouse cursor while playing mini-games.
Fixed a problem Due to which the facial control buttons to aim the shots in Journey of the Prairie King on the controller sometimes trained the shots in the wrong direction and prevented the player from shooting.
Fixed chest color selector buttons that can be selected if the color selector is not displayed.

Other changes

Various editions, enhanced text, modified images and modified map mosaics.
We have made the optimizations that can improve performance on certain machines / platforms or in some cases.
Improved many translations and correction The missing police characters in Korean.
Changed from midnight from noon to 0:00 in Japanese.
Added a sprite open to the fridge.
Courier adjustment received after the reduction to more precisely reflect calendar changes in the game.
Adjusted the dialog option in the event with two Penny hearts to be more attentive to George s point of view.
Deleting the Junior Note / Community Center buttons The screens not belonging to the inventory.
Improvement of the inner decoration of the Elliott cabin.
The objects found in the trash now come out of the Recycle Bin instead of going directly into your inventory.
Updated credits.
In solo mode, the mines are reset from your departure instead of waiting for the next 10-minute update.
The NPCs now destroy trees on their way (and trample the wild trees seeds).
NPCs now close your eyes and lay down when they go to bed.
The players now close your eyes when they go to bed.
Penny no longer randomly reveals the taste of PAM for alcoholic objects.
The fish sold in Willy is now resold in its own store (the fish is no longer sold at Pierre).
Twisted the color of the earth on the beach in autumn.
David s cage seemed more suitable for guinea pigs.
Splash effect Reduces the small cosmetic debris facilitating the distinction The splash of real objects.
Animation added during the search in the trash.
Adjusted noise when collecting fruit, eggs, etc.
Added changes for motors.
Journal added for unexpected network disconnections (in a separate Disconnections folder).
The Fallen The elements on the collections page is now consistent between languages.

Corrections for gameplay

Warning: Can only detect less than 5000 characters

Corrections for player interaction

You can now collect The lost books even if your inventory is full.
Fixed horses not being mountable if they are very close to a pet.
Fixed the ability to remove items The menu Manufacturing even if the trash is invisible.
Fixed answer dialogue on a small screen causing a cursor interaction with the toolbar.
Fixed interaction with The world of objects while maintaining an element, which sometimes caused the simultaneous use of the interaction and object.
Fixed interaction with a fireplace sometimes not switch.
Fixed interaction with objects so that objects behind the character are more interact when the character is facing up.
Fixed interaction with a horse trash, simultaneously removing the horse and looking in the trash (just now removed).
Fixed issue preventing players to harvest or collect The objects by clicking and holding the tool button with a melee weapon or a scythe in hand.
Fixed an issue is the attempt to charge a watering improved to the left of a farm pond prevent the farmer from the load.
Fixed the inability to fill the water bottle on the left of the water tank of the greenhouse.
Problem solved where the ore deposit in two close ovens could activate both.
Fixed big rotated furniture that can be placed on the tables and make them disappear.
Fixed issue: players can move while evacuating the swamp witch.
Fixed issue that prevented players from passing through the farm animals if they were offset by half a tile.
Fixed an issue interactive objects such as fireplaces could not be seized with a left click when you were standing near them and that you keep an item other than a tool.
Fixed issue: it was difficult to click on NPCs if you participate in a festival while you were holding an object that can be placed.
Fixed issue of interaction The babies stadium in the cradle.
Fixed a minor issue that could cause the farmer to stop shaking when charging a tool by pressing an arrow key.
Fixed the ability to interact with NPCs when your farmer is stationary. (For example, this prevents you from trying to give your spouse a second gift immediately after kissing him and stuck in the wrong animation frame.)
Fixed The Open orphan destroying the fence post to which they are attached not to block the move.
Fixed tree seed placement cursor wild ignoring The rules for the seed.
Placing cursor fixed crab pot is always green, even if an investment tile invalid is selected.
Fixed The palms do not shake and not dropping leaf debris during interactions in winter.
Fixed the Warrior that could not be selected at the event to six hearts Sebastian Korean.
Fixed the ability to use the dagger while bathing.
Fixed menu collection The rewards of the museum, not usable with exit hotkey.
Fixed problem of museum donation screen where the camera was panning scroll the cursor The user interface elements.
Fixed issue: watering a small tree produced a false sound.
Problem solved where to hit a fence on which a torch was lit destroy the torch instead of dropping it.

Corrections for festivals, events and quests

Reject a quest letter removes more the quest. (It is now added to your quest log to avoid missing permanently for a quest.)
You can not place objects on the beach during the night market.
Remove The invisible trees The festivals.
Fixed an exploit where you could suspend time when the sub-market night market climbed / descended to skip the waiting time.
Exploit corrected when you could watch the mermaid show the night market during that time was suspended (the show will stop now).
Exploit corrected when you could qualify for a quest rally by taking objects from a safe at the time.
Fixed blocking The players on the doors or The objects when The cutscenes in some cases.
The Fixed players stuck in the event eight Harvey hearts if triggered out of his room.
The Fixed players stuck in Event 10 Harvey hearts if a train passed.
Fixed the introductory quest ignoring Willy after meeting to receive the fishing rod.
Fixed Mr. QI s challenge not considered complete if you meet the conditions before receiving the letter.
Fixed the egg in the Lewis truck that was not accessible during the egg hunt.
Fixed time not passing for machines inside The farm buildings during festivals.
The Fixed players stuck to the hospital until the beginning of the festival if they were eliminated on the first day of the festival.
Time spent during festivals did not reflect when the player or players began festivals.
Fixed some items off season appearing as targets for quests delivery of objects.
Fixed bug limiting NPCs which required collection, slaughtering The monsters The fishing or quests.
The desired fixed with quests do not indicate they pay three times the value of the market, instead of 2 times.
Fixed occasional problems with the spacing of daily quest table on the messages.
Robin fixed thanking you sometimes for the wrong item when you fill a display quest.
Fixed The winners festivals not counting in the total farm income.
Fixed Event 6 Penny hearts that does not fire after purchasing the upgrade of the community.
Fixed Event silence Sat 8 cores if you ignore an event in 2 hearts.
Fixed the quest A winter mystery does not fire if you leave the farm from the lower tile output to the bus stop.

Corrections for the stores and shipping

Fixed merchants filling The limited stock items when you reopen their stores.
Fixed mobile Marc hand sometimes having the same item sold at two different prices.
Fixed items purchased in stores can be sold at a price other than The versions produced / developed.
Problem solved where honey is sometimes sold more than expected.
Fixed press Alt + Enter while shopping with Pierre destroying the selected item.
Fixed the sale of animals does not count in the total farm income.
Fixed issue: Unable to buy The animals while Robin modernized the building in question.

Adjustments for NPC

Correction of several cases where the PJ dialogues were not synchronized with the current state of the game world (for example, say bad dialogue in bed).
Correction of the problem that prevented villagers from making their daily schedule late at night after a festival.
Correction of the problem where Vincent could get caught on a barrel of flowers during the flowers dance.
Correction of the problem that prevented some villagers out with each other in town some days.
Correction of various problems related to the horses designation.
Correction of various bugs caused by giving the name of a villager to a horse, a domestic animal or a child.
Correction The success related to friendship is not triggered right as soon as the conditions are fulfilled.
Correction of various bugs and inconsistencies related to friendship, including unlocking events with 10 hearts without bouquet.
Correction The NPC incorrectly reacting to certain gifted items.
Problem resolved: gifts could not be given to the dwarf if his dialogue was exhausted for the day.
Correction of the Abigail visit to the farmer the same day as his 8-core event.
The fixed bouncer just said hello instead of his unique line.
The fixed bouncer does not accept the club card if you have already exhausted his dialogue for the day.
Fixed Demetrius that plowed through the bushes near the fountain in summer.
Fixed dwarf, which always responds negatively to the objects for which it feels neutral.
Correction of a dwarf does not like carrots, although there is a dialogue that suggests the opposite.
Correction of EMILY s four-hearted event that could be unlocked at night.
Correction of the supply of bread by Gus as a dish of the day (it sells it already as part of its normal stock).
Correction of the Henchman dialog box showing a jewel of friendship.
Correction of a secret note Robust event not triggered if you maize on horseback.
Correction of Robust blocking on Friday when accepting gifts.
Correction of Leah s summer schedule, which had to walk in the water and stay blocked for the rest of the day.
Penny fixes not to have his own line of introduction.
Penny correction talking about the sound of the rain on the roof of its trailer after the community upgrade.
Penny fixes the fact of living in a trailer after the construction of the upgrade of the community.
Peter correction that spoke free time after restoration of the community center.
Correction of the shipment by Shane of two recipes with three hearts. (The second is now sent to 7 hearts as expected.)
Warwick correction say two different things the same day.
A gift is fixed at the night market being available every ten minutes instead of once a day.
Buggy interaction with Mayor Lewis when obtaining a JOJ subscription before starting the community center.
Correction The inhabitants sending players the bad recipes for their current friendship.
The fixed villagers you frequent still accept the bouquets on your part.
Fixed a rare crash when attacking Slides in Love.
Correction of the attack of a common crab with a pickaxe causing no damage after its shell is broken.
Problem resolved: villagers who respond differently depending on their current location will no longer say the lines specific to this location when they are rebroadcast later.
The fixed spouse continues his dialogue after being interrupted to give you a Star drop.
Correction of most babies in the creeping phase waking up in the cradle at the beginning of the day. (They will now spend more time trying to find a position other than that of the cradle before giving up.)
Fixed NPCs sometimes detecting the crash players in their trash or their private possessions in another place.

Fixed NPCs that said something by entering an area (for example, PAM entering the saloon) did it if you look at an event.

Corrections for multiplayer

The agricultural workers are moving now, perform their daily schedules and react as they should to their spouse.
Agricultural workers are now returning to their own porches after a festival, instead of the main porch the farmers.
Players can no longer give quest items to other players.
You can now connect to the host via IP while loading the game.
Problem resolved: If a server was stopped on the same day that a remote player had stabilized in one night, the higher level would not be applied before the next night, during the backup.
Fixed Rearranging The Museum in Multiplayer Showing a message That The Player Donated a New Item.
Fixed Farmhands Not Seeing The Notification That A Train Is Approaching.
FIXED ISSUE WHERE A Spouse Could Get Stuck in a farmhand s Cabin After Divorce. Save Files That Already Have This Issue Will Be Fixed After the First Night.
Fixed Bundles Button Visible On The Inventory Screen for Farmhands That Had Missed A Bundle Completion Cutscene.
Fixed Issue Where you couldn t Interact with Something Behind Another Player (E.g. to Talk To An NPC).
Fixed Farmhands Seeing Bundles for Completed Areas When Looking at The Bundles Menu.
Fixed Farmhands Unable to pick up LOST Books if the host has a menu open.
Fixed Married NPCs Saying Marriage-Specific Lines to Players WHO Aren t Their Spouse While They re on Their Married Schedules.

20 MORE Tips and Tricks for Stardew Valley 1.4 Update - Beginners Guide
Fixed The Door Frame from Robin s Construction Animation NOT Properly Removed for Remote Clients After Construction is Done.
Fixed MESSAGES Like The One About Spreading Weeds Only Shown for the Host Player.
Fixed Clicking Without Dragging With The Slingshot Consuming Ammo But Firing Nothing.
Fixed Kent Sometimes Missing from customers Festivals.
Fixed Players That Collapse in Multiplayer Seeing The Screen Briefly Flash, Showing Them in Bed.
Fixed Fishing Rod Cast Sound affected by Other Players Casts.
Fixed Fishing Rod Animation Not Property Synchronized When Clicking and Holding to East.
Fixed Various issues Related to Child Placement and multiplayer synchronization.
Fixed Several Bugs Relating to Mummy Behavior and Multiplayer Sync.
Fixed Crash After Eating a Make Roll While Playing in French.
Fixed Prehistoric Tibia and Amphibian Fossil Not Appearing In The Forest (Or Anywhere) While Playing in Spanish.
Fixed Wild Plums Listed As Drilling Instead of Fruit in Non-English Languages.
Fixed Sleep Stamina Recovery Being Based on The Last Player Who Went to Bed (Now Tracked Separately for Each Player).
Fixed Various Multiplayer Data Sync issues.
Fixed Missing Tools in Multiplayer Not Always Being Recovered.
Fixed Various Related to Pets in Multiplayer.
Fixed Remote Players Not Property Showing Jump / Jitter Animations During Emotes Or Horse Mounting / Dismounting.
Fixed The Host Player Seeing Flashes Gold Feeling Controller Rumbles from Bombs in Other Rentals.
Fixed Player Getting Stuck on the Waiting for Players Check After Festival If Another Player joined at the Same Time.
Fixed JOJ Purchase Form Not Reflecting Upgrade Bought by Other Players.


Warning: Can only detect less than 5000 characters

Other bug fixes

All mine songs now show up in the Jukebox list.
Fixed crash on startup if no audio output device is detected.
Fixed resolution issues for some players.
Fixed music not properly playing at the start of a new day.
Fixed Junior not behaving properly after completing the community center.
Fixed issue where other players could affect the music that’s playing in the mines.
Fixed various bugs caused by simultaneous buffs et rebuffs.
Improved confusing error if certain game files are missing.
Fixed issue where players wouldn’t get museum achievements until the next time they donated something themselves.
Fixed Master Angler achievement awarded before catching all fish.
Fixed issue where the music in Leah’s house didn’t stop after leaving her house.
Fixed issue where the wallpaper et flooring would shift rooms as you upgraded your house.
Fixed skipping an event sometimes making the player wait on a black screen for a while.
Fixed placing a bomb et leaving the screen before it explodes causing a buggy sound effect.
Fixed options menu being scrollable while a dropdown list is active.
Fixed an issue where a female character’s pants could have their color changed to black during a wedding ceremony.
Fixed issue where you’d need to click twice to clear the dialogue that appeared after falling down a mine shaft.
Fixed issue where hotkeys (like opening the inventory) triggered after sending a chat message.
Fixed issue where dialogue couldn’t be advanced using keyboard inputs.
Fixed issue where the music would sometimes briefly play again after you had turned the volume down.
Fixed issue where rebinding the menu key closed the options menu.
Fixed Prairie King game over screen only accepting input every 1.5 seconds.
Fixed Prairie King music overlapping if you use the zombie power up multiple times in quick succession.
Fixed mouse repositioned when clicking HUD zoom buttons, making it harder to zoom in/out multiple times.
Fixed issue where loading a save would play the furnace et fireplace sounds.
Fixed volume levels not properly applied when connecting to a game as a farmhand.
Fixed rare crash or invisible grass caused by grass sizes becoming invalid.

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