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The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I don t know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. I am crying because I can not grasp it until I play. Therefore, this plan is to deliver the contents of the raw game to the motto as soon as possible, explosion play repo.

This time, Baked Games SA and Play way SA want to deliver live content about prisoner sim Prison Simulator released for PC (Windows) at Steam on November 04, 2021.


This work is the stage of a fictional prison in the United States, and the player will be a prisoner as a prisoner Occupational experience shim. The prisoners who have been supervised by the prisoners who are always a problem and hit a warning bar with the name of the guidance to those who show the anti-reactive attitude.

A new US prisoner who has a fresh and innocent four-character chest will felt something that is truly approaching when rolling to violence every day. The director of sin and punishment, human pattern sandwiched with iron grating, and the director of unavailable smile. Prison is usually open today and will be introduced immediately.

About operation, image quality, language

This work proceeds with FPS and the operation is performed by the mouse & keyboard. By default, the perspective movement may be relatively agile, so it may be easy to get drunk. It is recommended to adjust from the setting screen in advance.

Image quality is standard level. This is also good setting items, so it would be better to adjust to your own preference… If you have output it with a toilet that has been covered with Superfund graphics! There is also a place where the high and low graphic quality should be set while consulting with PC performance etc.

Unfortunately the language is compatible with Japanese. Since it is easy to do the instruction content in the game, I feel that it is not a hand to it. The important words and instructions are highlighted guidance such as visualization. For the time being, if you are in trouble, you should love (Low words of aspiration).

Main story start

The main game mode of this work is two normal modes and free mode, and this time we will introduce the normal mode. The latter is based on normal mode, customizing prisoners and tasks freely to enjoy your own prison life.

PRISON GUARD SIMULATOR - Go to Jail as a Guard & Prisoner | Prison Simulator: FULL GAME Gameplay
When you select New Game, the game main story starts through the difficulty, prison name, prisoner settings. Since these settings do not change significantly with these settings, there is no problem with choice of elements in this way.

The prisoner s appearance can be selected from several patterns. Moreover, it is possible to set finely to part of the past story details. Even here, it may be unusual to eat a smelly rice with your own character and think about the sadness of your life.

However, if the prisoner is all 16 people, one person is set, it seems to be crazy, so this time will be automatically generated in random settings. These functions are conveniently made to be easy to play.

Also, by adjusting the face finer in the character makeup mode, you can create a prisoner with a punch of punch.

The first day of prison GAME S has begun. Making a senior prisoner Richard and make a shaken in front of Appeal to do it immediately.

New workplace will determine the first three months in the first three months. There should be no daily days such as the day to work with a newcomer. Note that there is no name for the player operation character, but here we will refer to spa can for convenience.

When I went out, just another senior prisoner was walking. Good morning! My name is the spoken who will be indebted here from today! ! I think that there is no point, but thank you for your guidance! ! !

Spa spa. Don t let your newcomers are not worthwhile, says that he walks in his way of walking, and the situation of severe vertical society looks glimpse.

Do you ignore Risen? (Strike)

Medical office

Even if it is a senior, time is also important to teach up and down relationships to the body (disorder). For each character, the physical strength gauge has a stamina gauge for spoken, and if it is damaged, for example, when damaged by an attack etc., it will fall down when the bottom right is decreasing.. In addition, when attacking and dashing, stamina gauge decreases, and it becomes zero and can not perform those actions.

Spoken, which has been a medical room for the return of the plan. This is the so-called Respond point where the physical strength is exhausted. When it falls down during the job, the time will progress, and the day will end after the task described later. If you do so, it sounds like a survey below, so let s not get a problem as much as possible.

Routine work: inspection

Well, the first day of the prisoner is surprisingly busy, and it is more likely to inspect the belongings and supervise the work of the prisoner. In this article, we will introduce some of them.

The image is a job to confirm the contents of the luggage brought by the prisoner. Remove from the shelf and place it at the desk and open the cardboard carefully and make one. By the way, this, It takes time to sober because it is manual with keyboard and mouse.

Suspicious goods are handed into hand and examine every corner. Remove the lid while moving through the mouse operation and check the contents.

Occasionally, such as needles and syringes may be included. This is recovered as a violation, or it will be relocated by the original or interrupted, or if you remember and dispose of a prisoner s mind, it will be (while putting in the pocket). Also, since it is also possible to drag from prisoners, it is also possible to align the number as inventory here…?

By the way, items with a confirmation leak are made easier to understand because the red contour is rated like this.

If you finish the task, this screen will be displayed will appear at a break time. The numbers in the center of the screen have meaningful and prisoner and prisoners and colleagues to increase or decrease. This time I finished the work properly, and I finished my work, so I got 2% of credit from my colleague.

Break time

It is a thing that is surrounded by a barbed wire and a red brick, and it is a plump prisoner. The break time is good to extend the feathers with light exercise. There are several spots where some recreation can be done in the area.

For example, shooting lots can be done shooting training and gun maintenance. It is quite delicious because it is good if you finish it well.

In shooting training, shooting the appearance one after another,

In maintenance, the question Isn t it a different game of game?

In another square, you can enjoy muscle training and basketball. These are also evaluated as resulting, especially when muscle training will increase stamina, it is good to play actively.

Routine Work: Monitoring of Prisoners

Well, the break has ended, and the time to oversee the work of the prisoners came. 5 out of the prisoner from the cage will bring five people to the workshop by a call.

He does not mean that he was in particular, but it was I will add guidance because it was an inventive eye. Don t say that it is a newcomer.

Colleagues with rolls.

Well, in the workshop, the prisoners will handle the tool and do the work.

He doesn t mean that he did not do anything, but it was a rebellious back figure he adds guidance.

Find out. If you have a bigger than bleeding, call your support and visit the medical office by calling it wirelessly before dying.

Besides this, while the happening will occur while working, let s deal with it quickly.

Bribery and witnesses

Well, I m finished my work and would like to return to my cage… I have to be aware of it at the time of my body check. This is one of the hell that is not going to fall here, so prisoners have a bad habit. Some people have a violation. However, if it is originally, it is a place to shake a Barbara, but this time, I will miss it by receiving a bribe M……

Colleagues I saw Batch

The eyes of the eye below the screen show that blue is a colleague, orange is looking at how many prisoners are watching spa. It looks like the discovery mark of Sky Rim. When something is wrong, it is good to aim at the moment I can not get in my eyes (Low word of aspiration).

Both Colleagues to say that they are troublesome and felt a coworker who says that they are troublesome, but you can escape the difficulties by threatening it. This time I worked well, but of course there are also things that may fail, so if you aim for sure it is safe to pass the bribe told the money.

A colleague saying I want to be a good police officer at the mouth which relocating corruption. It is good that dreams come true.

This pattern failed. Has hidden drag syringes. If you approach NPC while carrying a violation product, is it overhead? A mark-type gauge is displayed, and if it is dyed red until it is dyed red.

Failed to try to acquire the same way as before. The item of hand is deprived and money is paid.

The depth of pain is clear by violence. I do not know where the right handle of the reputation remains.

The job was also finished, and the prisoner returned to the coffin. When I entered the room of the operation board when I to close the gate, it is State of the image……. If a riot occurs, it seems that there is no guarantee of life even if you run here.

Anyway, it is a successful way to do a routine in this way and utilizing the break time in the middle. Let s continue to work seriously after tomorrow.

Routine Work: Document Work

Senior who attacks it again at the second day.

By the way, the degree of progress of the quest (task) can be confirmed from this menu screen, and the same is true for maps and items.

If I think that there are still various things, I came to work.

This time is the source of the prisoner. Make sure that there is no defect in the physical check and various documents, and if there is no problem, press the approval stamp to return it to the Sheila. Paper and books.

There is no mistake in the documents.

Has stamped (Press the abase stamp and press a mistake)

This prisoner who continued eating a smell of 10 years ago was dismissed by daughter and deficit.

Low man s work

When I met every time I met, the confidence and respect from the senior were felt at last until Zero.

By the way, a spoken that was recognized from the director and called from the director.

He took over part of his work, and we will help you with buying equipment and documents. It is legally suspicious part, but I can only do my best to see the director of the director.

You can purchase equipment such as muscle training by accessing from the central office PC. The facilities will be enhanced because they will be affected by the prison reputation. Besides, it is possible to purchase something such as the staff weapon equipment, but it may be difficult for the spa s rating rank because the rating rank is unlocked.

Status Enhancement

The body is poor, and if you get rid of the prisoner who goes wild, you can not stop the accident, and you can not stop the accident (confusion). Therefore, you need to teach the status from the senior in the café lounge.

Spoken status, including physical strength and stamina, will be strengthened in skill tree format. For that purpose, it is necessary to pay gold and points, but if you work seriously, it should be accumulated in no time, so it is better to earn more and more and strengthen more and more. In addition, I was fit my strength to my hand.


A prison that is wrapped in the dark due to a sudden blackout. It feels like you re going to sound like no light just because there is no light, and feel like playing a horror game. If you check the distribution board, someone seems to have brought a part, and that one of the prisoners has come out.

I finally found it and finally found around before being jailbroke.

Take it back and return to the cell.

At the same time, I will break up a few more. In this way, we were able to collect parts, but it was an event that has no longer thrust.

in conclusion

The work in the area is still cleaned. While remembering fear that the percentage of riot risk is rising on the day, let s work in no accident and no accident after tomorrow. As the daily work content is decided random, What happens to what happens? I m not worried. Since this work is also a demo version, if there is a person who will be appreciated, how is it going to try it?

Compatible models: PC (Windows)
Play model in articles: PC (Windows)
Release Date: Nov 04, 2021
Author play time for article writing: 3.5 hours
Price: Regular price 2,050 yen, sale price 1,845 yen (until November 12, 21)

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