Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Corresponding media reports confirmed Diablos Club, the French champion Paris St. German, on Wednesday. The name of the victim called PSG, where the German national player Sara Tabriz is under contract, not.

Football: Marseille fans fight police ahead of PSG game

According to media reports and the news agency AFP, it is Keira Harari, who also plays for PSG. According to the subject newspaper L Equip, the 31-year-old should be driven home last Thursday after a club dinner with Dial lo (26) home, when unknown attacked her with an iron rod and hit her legs.

Dial lo played against Real 89 minutes

Whether dial lo is behind the attack on Harari, but has so far unclear. There is no charge. PSG condemned the attack The sharpest and otherwise referred to ongoing investigations in which the club supports the authorities. Further measures would be checked, it said.

Midfield player Harari had been missing on Tuesday evening in the group match of the Champions League against Real Madrid (4: 0) — according to Paris For Personal reasons. Dial lo, however, stood like Tabriz in the starting and a total of 89 minutes on the grass.

Memories of Nancy Kerrigan

The case arouses memories of one of the most spectacular sports scandals: In 1994, the US figurine artist Nancy Kerrigan had been injured by an assassin with an iron bar at the knee. Client was Jeff Willingly, the then husband of Kerrigan s harshest Rivaling Tonya Harding.

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