Mon. May 29th, 2023

Edward players did not only break with all forecasts and rose world champions on November 6. His feat guaranteed a house in Guangzhou, specifically at the Guangzhou Zhejiang Future City. It is a place that is property of the Investor Group Zhejiang Investment Holdings and Edward Zhu, owner of the team.

The news has more context. Within the framework of the Grand Final of Worlds 2021, the most important event of League of Legends, the Zhejiang Investment Holdings Group announced that there would be a reward for Edward Gaming players. Sure, only if you managed to beat DWG KIA, one of the strongest squads of the competition. It was homes with a value of a million Chinese yuan, equivalent to €134,996.39 euros.

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Through an exchange with Sports Business Journal on Tuesday, Edward Gaming confirmed that Zhu will fulfill the promise of him, although there are complications. As we know, Lee Scout Ye-Chan and Park Viper doyen are from South Korea, which complicates that they can receive houses for residence topics. Apparently, even if Scout has Chinese residence to compete in LPL, it is different when it comes to government situations. Legally, both he and Viper have status of foreigners. Edward Gaming is looking for ways that they can do with homes, but the organization does not rule out paying them in cash or another form.

In addition to the houses in Guangzhou, Edward Gaming received 3 million Chinese yuan (€404,989.18 euros) by TCL, a multinational electronics based on China. In the same way, athletes will be credited to appliances with a value of ¥70,000 Chinese yuan. This is equivalent to €9,449.75 euros.

The winners of the League of Legends World Championship received special rings from Mercedes-Benz. Also, they will choose thematic skins that will arrive at some point of 2022. Here you can find more about it.

Ported via Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games.

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