Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Garry Kasparov, one of the most award-winning checkers, not only is an expert in this discipline, but also enjoys his free time with a good game of hearthstone. But do not believe that he is a casual player, but he has a very good level and considers that with the necessary effort, he could even become a professional.

PLATING WITH PC Gamer, Kasparov Not only revealed to be a great fan and player of Hearthstone, but also the gavel that he frequently uses.

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Game to Hearthstone, and I am diamond 5! To climb to Legend you need to invest more time, but I have many decks. You have to be very concentrated, but if I make an effort I can get to legend, because diamond 5 I got it quite easily.

I think the Rogue is probably the strongest deck because I could kill you in the seventh shift of your hand. Game Libra Paladin and Taunt Druid
In addition to Hearthstone, Kasparov revealed that he also came to play Warcraft When his son was smaller, although it seems that this last game did not catch him as much as he did Hearthstone.

Editor s note: Other clear example that video games are not only for children. And it is still existing people who think that this pastime can only be enjoyed by the little ones, when the reality of the matter is totally different.

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