Mon. May 29th, 2023

It is something undeniable and inevitable: video games are more present in people s lives. While it is a kind of entertainment that is usually associated with young people, the truth is that we would be surprised to know how many advanced people of age who often plays different titles. It facilitates having a mobile in your pocket, with free access games such as Hearthstone at different digital stores.

About this title we have recently known a curiosity that has surprised us greatly: Garry Kasparov plays Hearthstone. He has confessed himself in a chat with Gamer where he promoted a new Masterclass on his online platform, and he has ended unbelieving even what rank he has and what mazes he uses in him.

Magnus Carlsen Vs. Kasparov

If I make an effort I can get to Legend Garry Kasparov Game to Hearthstone, and I am a diamond 5! He says. To climb to Legend you need to invest more time, but I have many decks. You have to be very concentrated, but if I make an effort I can get to legend, because Diamond 5 I get it quite easily.

I think the rogue (rogue) is probably the strongest mallet because I could kill you on the seventh shift of the hand. […] Game Libra Paladin and Taunt Druid, he explained, although he has also made reference to others. Blizzard games, such as Warcraft 3, who played him with his son between 2003 and 2004, next to the Frozen Throne expansion.

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For those who do not know Kasparov, we talk about the cheap player more laureate of all time. While there are others well known throughout the planet, such as the current Magnus Carlson world champion, Baku s great teacher is still considered an entire institution when talking about chess, as he led the classification of the eighties at the beginning of the 2000.

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