Mon. May 29th, 2023

To eliminate all doubts about the use of the minimal, the Lane developer took the floor to restore the truth. Initially, communication teams had stipulated that the use of a third-party file to have a minimal in New World was completely prohibited at risk of sanction. Players noted that the streamers and other members of the community played impunity with a minima pa, so questions have arisen and, therefore, theories. That is why Lane took the floor last night to explain to what extent the players can use the minimal in New World.

The compass already satisfies the needs

In the first words of Lane, the use of the minimal would reduce the game experience of players. Therefore, the implementation of this aid is not planned at the moment, since developers have other more urgent elements to be solved. It does not seem to want to add a minimal, because immersion could break and exploration would be reduced. If there are fighters (IA or players) in the minimal, I could change the way Amazon s MMO is played.

In addition, players who do not want to have this tool may deactivate it, but they will feel aggrieved before a great advantage that other players may have. Sternum is built with benchmarks, routes and views to boost exploration, not to mention the key features that could be out of the ordinary. If a minimal is added, you could change the behavior of the world open and potentially eliminate natural exploration that now occurs in the game.

Under a condition you can use the minimal in New World

According to the developer, the users of the minima offered by third-party programs will not be penalized if they respect the following rules:

Show player s position
Show people in group as we do in the compass
Just show the location of the node if they unlocked that node through commercial skills, as long as we are within the range that the compass would show them.
It only shows the AI ​​that you have unlocked through professional skills and within the range of the compass.
Show missions as they do in the compass

New World Devs announce MINI MAPS ADD ONS ARE ALLOWED, but with a catch

If the Minimal has other aspects of the game that is not presented above, the moderation teams will take fulminant measures.

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