Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

NC soft said it was a new equipment light cage and Lady on the 12th in-house visual center.

The ONCE Visual Center is a dedicated organization that performs R & D for games and video related. About this new equipment, NC soft was introduced in the domestic game company and explained that it is used to secure realistic characters and background data.

Detailing And Texturing Your Sculpt Using Scan Data

The light cage is a scanning machine that captures 3D geometry and skin surface texture, which means the points and variables that express 3D spatial objects. Multi flash lighting 156, 60 cameras are synchronized to shoot hundreds of photos at a time with the light and angle of view of various. Based on this, it is possible to express the physical skin such as a cup, pores, and the actual skin such as pores can be expressed in a fine color change.

Lady is a 3D scanning a wide place based on the real side. Visualize object surface information with a laser pulse that reaches 1 million points per second. You can scan up to 1 km at a time to a person who can not access the person, and convert large backgrounds and objects into 3D data.

For more information, see NC Soft Official Blog.

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