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It s, of course, the Fortuna Pinko, Felix Crews crowned the PSV Fortuna Pinko in a spontaneous visit, which was later heard in the common Just Time Coupes podcast of the Crews brothers, to the winner of the Felix Crews Association Challenge. The Berlin Club claimed himself against 17 other competitors and thus secured the services of the ex-pros.

It was not until the summer of 2021 Felix Crews, who went over 150 times in the Bundesliga with Union Berlin and Welder Bremen, finished his career. But when his world champion brother but shortly thereafter in the joint podcast made fun of his fitness condition and spoke of a development to the Sofafigur, Felix Crews called the competition into life. In different challenges, a total of 18 amateur associations were able to advertise and collect points at the executioner. In the final showdown, the PSV Fortuna Pinko ultimately prevailed against SV Green Weiss Bergère and the company sports group Ideal life insurance.

Berlin-Pankow is head

The euphoria throughout the club knows no limits since the top transfer. We are very happy that with Felix Crews we can raise the quality of our team again. His footballing can be queried, he has proven sustainable. In addition, Felix brings the enormous experience from Bundesliga and Champions League despite his still young age, And we are sure that he will take an important role in the team at short notice, Fortuna-Coach Marlin Gambler is quoted full of anticipation on the Facebook page of the PSV. In addition to the square is also talking about great euphoria. Thus, All the youth players also look forward to seeing a guy looks like Felix Crews soon on Kissinger ( The home of the PSV Fortuna, ANM. D. Red.).

None of my career has tried in my career.

Felix Crews, ex-professional and future player of PSV Fortuna Pinko

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When Crews visited the team of PSV Fortuna Pinko and winning the winner at the end of the competition, he directed himself with emotional words to the club officers and his future team colleagues. I was really enthusiastic that you have made this effort. None of my career has been trying for me. For the first time, Felix Crews is expected to be in the coming spring.

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