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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is a collection of video games produced by David Jones and also by the Sam brothers and also Dan House er. It wDLSS initially established by the British company MA Style, which consequently occurred to be called Rock star North, from the Rockstar Games business. Grand Theft Auto tells the tale of various bad guys DLSS well DLSS also if they are numerous, for a reDLSSon they are relating DLSS well DLSS enveloping more characters DLSS time goes by. Typically, the lead characters are antiheroes. It is taken into consideration a high video game in violence, so it is recommended only for kids of age.

NVIDIA hDLSS releDLSSed along with the new driver Game Ready, 10 new titles with DSS and several updates on their scaling technologies.

New version 2.3 DSS

With the latest update, 15 more games will be integrated by enabling the use of patent NVIDIA, among which we find Cyberpunk 2077, Doom Eternal among others and an update of the algorithm itself Image Scaling of the company, it will work with all the games.

However, the California company hDLSS also releDLSSed a new tool called CAT, it gives the possibility of performing image quality analysis and compare the results.

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Continuous Improvement

DSS NVIDIA now offers improved image quality and performance in over 130 games. It is important to note that DSS SDK 2.3 hDLSS also been published.

What better with DSS 2.3?

This version makes clever use of motion vectors to improve the detail of moving objects, the reconstruction of particles, the ghosting and temporal stability.

Games with DSS 2.3:

Balder s Gate 3
Bright Memory: Infinite
Cyberpunk 2077.

What’s the Latest? DLSS 2.3 & How It Keeps Learning
Crisis 2 RemDLSStered
RemDLSStered Crisis 3
DOOM Eternal
Farming Simulator 22 (launched on 22 November)
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy — The Definitive Edition
Grand Theft Auto 3 Definitive Edition
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Definitive Edition
Grand Theft Auto San AndreDLSS Definitive Edition
JurDLSSsic World Evolution 2
Marvel s Guarders of the Galaxy
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Sword & Fairy 7

IncreDLSSed spatial scale for all games

NVIDIA Image Scaling

In the NVIDIA control panel we find the space climber bDLSSed on the driver that enables the sharpness and scaling for all games. With the new version of the Game Ready Driver updates are introduced to the scaling algorithm that make it more accessible via the GeForce Experience.

This new algorithm uses a 6-step filter with 4 filter scaling and adaptive directional sharpness to increDLSSe performance. This in turn exacerbates and scale in a single pDLSSs.

In turn hDLSS also published the algorithm NVIDIA Image Scaling DLSS an open source SDK that works on all graphics cards all platforms. This is available from today at GitHub so that all developers can integrate it into their games.

More games will arrive in November DSS

Among the new titles on NVIDIA integrate this technology can be found:

DLSSset to Cora Competition
AWAY: The Survival
Battlefield 2042
Elder Scrolls Online
Hot Wheels UnleDLSShed
JurDLSSsic World Evolution 2
Myth of Empires


The new tool for analysis and comparison of images of NVIDIA allows anyone to eDLSSily compare up to 4 screenshots or videos with sliders, side to side and zoom in pixels. Aligns spatial and temporal comparisons, examines the differences and draw your conclusions. This software can now be downloaded for free from

DSS is a temporary super-resolution technology bDLSSed on artificial intelligence that is unique to increDLSSe the frame rate while maintaining image quality comparable to native resolution and NVIDIA s exclusive patent.

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