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From today (17th) from December 12th to December 12th, 2022 20th Anniversary Collaboration Exhibition Proceed

The beginning of the trip, the traces of heroes, and the realization of more than the Ragnarök Online

— Exhibition configuration where people who have memories for

Global Game Enterprise Gravity will launch the Ragnarök> Exhibition Fantasy from the Susan Museum of Art, from today (17th), which begins with Gustav 2021.

This exhibition will proceed with a Park Sang-ho, who performs various works based on space design in the 3rd floor exhibition room from the 3rd floor exhibition room, Memorial of in 2022, and prepared Just 2021 planning exhibition, I was tilted more cardiovascular to show the grand narrow of to the users.

As a main topic of the process of the genre of the game presented, we are divided into three exhibitions in three exhibition rooms in three exhibitions, each of the three exhibition rooms, divided into three parts, such as the realization of heroes, did.

First, the start of the trip introduced the beginning of the <Ragnarök Online, which was started in the worldview of Nordic myths, and the episode of the original story of the original story factor, the original story element of only 20 years.

Next, in the hero s trace part, the appearance of the seven heroes from the chaos of the Midgard started with the appearance of a huge snake Jormunangard with the shadow of the destruction, the appearance of the Run Mid-Gats Kingdom in one space. In addition, the story of numerous cities and buildings in .

Finally, in the fulfillment part, the NPC, the NPC of Ragnarök Online, was implemented as a pop art, and implemented various equipment that appeared in the game such as Blair, Channel, Valkyrie s Shield, Wrinkle Bow, and Exercelener did.

The Gravity official said, In 2022, the 20th anniversary of the 20th anniversary planned exhibitions that could meet a variety of stories, cities, items, and more in the game. I hope that if you are a fan that keeps memories about , I would like to visit the exhibition and would be a chance to recover the memories that were fun with .

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