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Bad news for all COD fans — Season 1 of Call of Duty: Vanguard and the Pacific Update Battle Royale War zone were moved just a week. The new map caldera for War zone comes later.

When is the new release? The publication of War zone: Pacific and Season 1 by COD: Vanguard now starts 6 days later than previously planned:

War zone: Pacific Update — 08. December 2021
Vanguard: Season 1 – 08. December 2021

VANGUARD: The SEASON 1 DELAY And What Else That Means... (Vanguard + Warzone Content Delays)

What happens on 08.12. In War zone?

The Battle Royale takes over the complete graphic engine of Vanguard and gets a new map — the Pacific Island Caldera :

Extensive beaches, wet jungle areas and well-kept residential facilities — what sounds like an escape before the German winter is the new map of the War zone, which is quite different from the predecessor Verdant.

From the 8th of December, her war zone then no longer starts from the launcher of Modern Warfare, but together with the new Vanguard. Whether you can directly play the new War zone Map depends on whether your Vanguard bought. Buyers have 24 hours early access:

Caldera access for Vanguard buyers: 08. December
Caldera access without Vanguard: 09. December

Without Early Access, you can already test the new graphics, but only on the small, well-known map Rebirth Island. All information about the great changeover of the War zone can be found here:

What happens on 08.12. In Vanguard?

All details about the start of the first season are not yet known. But there is definitely a decent momentum new content:

Start from Season 1 on December 8th
3 new maps for the multiplayer
3 operators for free play
New alliances, missions and more for zombie mode

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Battle passport with 2 new weapons

So far, it is still unclear whether the zombie mode is extended by the important Easter Egg. So far, the mode is a pure shooting floor without a real destination. Although the zombies weigh a power-up with every completed round, but no longer changes from a certain point.

Sure, we know that the first Vanguard Battle Pass goes to the start and also brings 2 new weapons. On the roadmap is also the speech of new equipment. There may also be new kill streaks, grenades or the like.

Almost 2 weeks before the actual release, it comes to shifting the most important update of the War zone this year. How this will affect the schedule of the three events that should be running before the start of Caldera, is not fully understood.

Currently, the first of these events already online — a crazy nostalgia mode with tons of old mechanics in the last 18 months, the War zone. If you want to read more about it, look over here: Cod War zone: New event brings the dirtiest mode at all — I had so much fun not long

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