Mon. May 29th, 2023

There were really entertaining and sometimes crazy 90 minutes, which occurred at the top game between Florence and Milan on this 13th match day. At the end, at least the first satisfied package for the so strong Crossover had to be booked.

But in turn…

First, the domestic viola caught the clear start, controlled that happened and came after a quarter of an hour to not unending 1: 0. A lot of luck included, as Milan-Keeper Tatarusanu had a simple flank actually safe, then simply dropped. Duncan thanked Artie and pushed the closest proximity to the 1: 0 lead (15th).

Angry Milan attacks and degrees were the result, but everyone advance Tonal and Rafael Lead failed at attentive finals Terracing. The 1: 1 was in the air in this phase — and yet there was the next neck strike shortly before the break for the Milanese by a visibly disappointed Ibrahimović. A nice on top of that: Sayonara swelled the ball into the angle (45. + 1).

Ibrahimović brings tension pure

Clear that the guests from Lombardy started the second 45 minutes with anger in the stomach. And yet the same song sounded again: Florence stabbed again. This time, it was the Vlahovic-trained Slavic for a long time of top clubs, which escaped the defense in a wide ball, caster Tatarusanu overhead and made of slightly pointed angle to the 3: 0 paper (60.).

Second half fightback not enough | Fiorentina 4-3 AC Milan | Highlights Serie A
Fair read? Make! Because only seven minutes later, it was suddenly only 3: 2 from the point of view of the Tuscan, because no less than Ibrahimović to Bonaventure Moving Pass Hammer hart Powered (62nd) and then after great pre-prepared ice-cold (67.) — his series A-Gates 151 and 152 in league game number 263.

But the Florentina then began again, defended the only tight advantage and made in the 85th minute by double packer Slavic clearly — 4: 2. As a result, the time for Milan became too short, even if IRA was still headed on the latte and thus compelled the 3: 4 own goal of Venue (90. + 6).

And so she stood, the first defeat in this series-A season after before ten wins and two draws. Only remaining unbeaten team in Europes top 5 leagues with it: The SSC Naples, who is still required on Sunday (18 oclock, live! At minutes), but still at Master Inter.

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