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Netflix's One Piece Live Action Cast Revealed - IGN Now
The fact that One Piece gets a live action implementation of Netflix is ​​already known for a while, but so far fans of devil fruits, cartoon action and adventures on a high lake have not yet been able to connect real pictures with the real series. But with a video that has changed: the straw hat band, or more of their performers, shows up in a promo video of Netflix:

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Who plays in the Netflix series of One Piece?

INAMI Godly as Monkey D. Luffy
Emily Rudd as a Name
Mickey as Corona Zero
Jacob Romero Gibson as called
Tax Skylar as Kanji

The cast of the series is largely rather unknown actors, which were not often stood for series or films in front of the camera. Single Emily Rudd stands out because it has already played in the Fear Street series of Netflix. It is also interesting if you look up the origin counters or nationalities of the straw hats mentioned by One-piece Creator Ericeira Odd in the past. According to this, Luffy would be of the appearance from Brazil, Zorro from Japan, Name from Sweden, Sysop from Africa and Kanji from France. The actors of the real series are thus very well hit in this regard, with Godly, for example, Mexicans and Skylar Write — but thats naturally small things.

Where are the other straw hats?

Who knows One Piece, misses a few names at this point: Where are Chopper, Nico Robin, Frank and Brook? No panic: The series will probably only come to the point at which the anime is followed after 46. After all, One Piece is a damn long story that has over 25 years on the hump and still receives new chapters weekly.

Title of the consequences of the Netflix series to One Piece

A little teaser is already available through the official titles of each episode of the first season of One Piece. This will include 10 episodes:

Romance Dawn
Captain of 8000 man (original: Captain of 8000 Men)
Cooks of the lake (Cooks of the Sea)

A frog in the fountain (A Frog Into the Well)
Arms and sharks (Arms and Sharks)
Mandarinenhain (Tangerine Grove)
Crewmachades (crewmates)
the end and the beginning (The End and The Beginning)
Grand Line

Are you looking forward to the implementation of One Piece? Or do you think that we expect a fail here because One Piece is hard to implement? We are very curious what you think — writes us in the comments!

Source: Kodak, IMDb

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