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To almost any professional sports league, a player association belongs. This serves as a strong, united against, which represents the interests of the athletes. eSports leagues try to imitate it for several years. Last: The DFL in the NBL.

According to a DFL-speaker, founded the new season Player Council plays an advisory role. The dialogue between league organizers and participants should be strengthened.

On the part of the players are for the time being Richard Gaucho Homes, Michael megabits Bittner, Benedict BeneCR7x Bauer, responsible Chan Chan Vascular Riyadh Road Failing. Homes takes on the role of the speaker, Bittner is his deputy.

The entire field of participants of the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship chose the five representatives. Gaucho would be the goal set in him and his colleagues confidence. His guess is why he got the biggest role:

I am now long in the scene here, a lot of the other guys personally know and get along well with everyone. Also, I would imagine that the guys trust me because of my experience to represent their interests well.

Common goal

Undoubtedly, all five members of the Player Council views of numerous educational experiences in the FIFA scene back. But now they also have responsibilities: The DFL expect that the elected representatives on the one hand to bring the overarching themes of male and female players in dialogue with us other hand, it is the declared goal to always have an ear to the entire FIFA community.

In return, the Player Council meets regularly in video conferences and exchanges views via WhatsApp. Even it has set itself the goal to always give new impetus to improve the quality of sporting competition in the NBL. DFL and gamers council thus seem to have the same goals — a promising sign for the project.

cracks in the foundation

While the plans and voices of the participants a positive image around drawing the future of the Player Council, an observation worries: In other eSports leagues, the concept is a player council only partially on. Powerless and dependent on these.

Do not forget: The Player Council NBL is like other organizations in eSports no union-like construct. That just gives athletes in the American leagues, for example, to negotiate salary, working conditions and other benefits the right.

Associations in eSports however, serve mostly only as an interlocutor who own ideas may put forward, but have little impact on their implementation. They are often also of the league leaders established, as in the case of NBL Player Council.

Poor role models

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This raises one hand the question of why this movement is not based on the player, and also a pale light on the relationship between the two instances. How likely is it that a player is Council against its founder rebels? And if so, then threatened a speedy resolution?

In other eSports leagues, such as the American League of Legends Championship Series has become the Players Association made sense its founding in 2017 not even publicly against the league leaders.

FIFA also happens to have had any advice for eSports to include to their feedback in the development of the scene. Whether this still exists and ever something has caused, but it is unknown — and correspondingly also questionable. Criticism of the FIFA World Cup hailing it still at least annually by the FIFA professionals.

Answer it Positive

Faced with the concerns of lack of assertiveness is Gaucho is optimistic: The communication with the leaders was very positive on the first day, and we were given the impression that our ideas and suggestions are heard why we go positive on the matter approach..

Despite some skepticism is also clear that the project company players and league organizers seriously competitive benefits. A bundled by the Player Council and objectified criticism is likely to have a greater impact than any angry Tweet ten times. First issues are loud Gaucho already in discussion. It could therefore soon show what influence the Player Council on the Virtual Bundesliga will have.

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