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Actually, for the events of the past days at the SV Welder Bremen are difficult to find words. Sports Chef Frank Baumann still started a try on Tuesday: Of course we have intense days behind us, no question, sometimes turbulent. The investigation of vaccination against the former head coach Markus beginning have set the entire club into an exceptional situation; The index situation is now crushed, his contract has long since dissolved in the second division.

Chaos bei Werder Bremen: Markus Anfang weg, Danijel Zenkovic hat Corona! Und nun, Frank Baumann?
On Saturday, at the 1: 1 against FC Schalke 04, Daniel Djokovic had already jumped as a short-term interim solution. But at the Austrian, a positive corona finding was found how the club announced on Tuesday afternoon. For the game next Saturday at Holstein Kiel (20.30 clock) he falls out. Again, Welder is there without coach. And gradually one is inclined to ask: When does that sound, with all the setbacks?

Baumann tries to give this type of viewing not too much in itself. The 46-year-old is responsible for finding solutions. The most recent for the away game in Kiel is: Christian Brand will very likely take the team on Saturday. Unless we present a new coach until then. Whether this will be succeeded is questionable. Asked for a temporal forecast, also says Baumann: Hard to say. At the top candidate Ole Werner, with its club, first clarify how the framework conditions could look like such a commitment. The 33-year-old still has a Tasting Treaty — at Holstein Kiel. The fact that he will debut at the age of the act of action appears unrealistic.

Premiere for fire

Welder’s U-19 coach fire is expected to come to its premiere as a professional chef coach in Bremen. Against Schalke, he had already confessed to Djokovic in the Duo, now the 49-year-old former Welder professional gets support from another ex-professional of the club: with Cedric MariaDB he has already worked together in the junior area on the Weber. We have fully confidence in Christian Brand, says Baumann, He’s long coach at Welder, has over 14 years of experience and already worked successfully. Also in the professional area: at John Regensburg (Regionally and 3rd League) and Hans Rostock (3rd League).

There are other candidates

Otherwise, Baumann still commented on the fact that Welder with the trainer search besides Werner still have other candidates on the list, but he could not call a concrete number. Likewise, the sports chief, however, wanted to start the ongoing investigations against ex-coach begin. However, a possible misconduct of Welder side or individual employees rejected: It is, I believe, normal that one trusts his employees and that when documents are presented, the authenticity does not doubt. Although one looks closer in Bremen, but that all other evidence is actually correct, because, so Baumann, we have no doubts.

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