Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

SeobaPross Singing Korea added 2 pieces of blade of the 24th and blade: Hirobumi Blood dam added two new characters.

Demon Slayer Game Yahaba Combo Guide

The character added this time appears as a blood set, which is hostile forces in the original work of Sahara and SLA. Sahara was able to focus on the opponent on the floor with an arrow, and the unique combat style was characterized by a unique combat style, and the Shark can overwhelm the opponent with a remote attack using a color tool.

In addition, some game plays have been added to the ’60 Frame Motion ‘to enjoy 60 frames, and new missions have been introduced in online missions. After the update, we will also be able to introduce new row character characters.

The blade of the exquisite: Hirobumi (Hirobumi) supports the blade of animation extracting, and the Bio-based action game based on the original story and the bosses’ mode that can be given to other players based on the original story.

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